How to know if my child is on track for next year due to the Coronavirus school shutdown.

    Posted by Anthony Yoo on May 15, 2020


    As we head into the summer months, the early school closures due to the coronavirus may worsen the effects of the “summer slide.” A 2015 NWEA study conducted on children in 3rd to 5th grade revealed that on average, students lost 20 percent of their gains in reading and 27 percent of their gains in math over the summer. This equates to roughly a 6-week loss in material learned during the school year. More recent reports from NWEA researchers believe that 30% of reading and 50% of math gains could be lost heading into the fall as a result of the coronavirus.

    Most Affected Areas

    Math and literacy skills are subject to taking a particularly hard hit as students face difficulties focusing and working from home. Children are facing difficulties adjusting to learning at home as they adapt to the drastic changes brought forth by school closures. By utilizing resources such as summer learning programs, parents can help slow down the loss of learning retention during the summer months. These programs are proven to help children with retention, leaving them better prepared for the following school year.

    Rather than spending time relearning material from the previous year, students can get a leg up by continuing their learning into the summer. With the early closures, it becomes more imperative to tackle the looming learning loss so that your child can be on track for the next year.

    Summer Learning Programs

    Here at Math Genie, we offer various Online programs in math, reading, and coding to help your child build upon their learning from the previous school year. We employ tools such as an online Abacus and interactive writing prompts to create a good learning environment. The online class ratios are 1:4., which will also ensure that your child receives the necessary support from teachers during their classes. Furthermore, we are rolling out online versions of our tests which will allow for quick grading and feedback as students progress through the curriculum.

    Looking Ahead

    While online learning may not provide a direct substitute for in-classroom learning, it can help minimize the loss of learning as we face unique educational challenges due to school closures. Teaching your child at home can be daunting but online classes provide a means to ease that burden and help get your child on track for the next school year. Math Genie can help you through these uncertain times by helping your child retain what they’ve learned in school and also supplementing their learning as they prepare for the following school year.

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