The Importance of Good Habits During Online Learning

Posted by Math Genie Staff on February 11, 2021



As the realities of Covid-19 continue, most of us have adjusted to this new way of life. And while your child may have accepted that online school is what the reality of now, it's very important to preserve your child’s good habits and not allow bad habits to develop. 

Neuroscientists estimate that it takes 27 days to create a new habit. Have you started a new year off with a commitment to exercise or resolution to eat healthier? ...Only to see that by February, you’re back to your old behavior. It’s no secret that good habits take a lot of time to form and maintain, and poor habits can take even longer to break. 

We, as educators, and you, as parents, must step up to the plate and ensure that our children continue to excel, and be the little geniuses they were born to be.

In times of uncertainty, unnecessary loss of habit poses heavy risk. Here at Math Genie (just like at school), our teachers have toiled to develop good study habits in each and every child. Through motivation, cajoling, stern scoldings, positive reinforcement, praise, and kindness, our teachers have committed themselves to ensuring your child receives the best education possible.

As parents you have to do the same. Preserving your child’s study habits in these uncertain times is of utmost importance. 


I will give you a personal example. I go for a yoga class every Saturday morning. It was hard in the beginning, but slowly my body became limber. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, my regular practice has stopped. Sitting in my house watching Netflix and eating all the time is not good for my body. When this pandemic finally ends, one of my first personal challenges will be motivating myself to go to yoga class. If I manage to go, one thing will be extremely clear: all the hard work I had put in this prior year will have, unquestionably, been lost.

You should not want such difficulties and hardships for your children. Preserve good study habits and keep them learning, even times of hardship. Remember, education is the gift that keeps on giving. No time spent learning is ever lost.

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