The Importance of Grammar, the Building Blocks of Reading Comprehension

Posted by Staff Writer on July 26, 2018

He needs to know grammarEvery student is different.  There will be subjects that are easier to understand than others.  Grammar, with all of its rules, can be challenging.  When a child consistently uses incorrect word order or verb tenses, parents may overlook it.  There is a direct correlation between grammar and reading comprehension.  As your child’s written and oral language skills become more complex, their ability to understand what they are reading also increases if they have the right building blocks.  Grammar instruction provides that structure.

Introducing Your Child to Grammar

Your child begins informally learning some grammar by modeling you.  In the classroom, they are building their vocabulary, learning about sentence structure and use of punctuation.   Their introduction to the elements of grammar will include syntax and morphology.  Syntax refers to the way that words are ordered to create sentences or clauses.  Morphology teaches word structures such as how to make a noun plural by adding an ‘s’.  While your child has used different word tenses and word orders, they may not have recognized it.  When your child starts becoming familiar with the rules of grammar, they begin understanding more clearly the meaning of written communication.

Teachers use a variety of techniques, such as sentence combining, that helps children to understand what they are reading.  However, grammar is not stressed enough in school. It is very important to make sure your child knows proper grammar. It gives your child the ability to read independently.  When they come across sentences that they at first do not understand, they have a tool-set to help them work through it on their own. 

The Importance of Grammar

Understanding the proper use of grammar not only helps your child read and understand written and oral material, it also helps them to communicate more clearly.  As your child moves into higher grades, having the tools of proper grammar and punctuation becomes even more important.  They will be required to communicate effectively on a variety of topics.  For instance, if they are asked to write a book report, they will need to be able to communicate their thoughts on the subject, as well as, their perception of author’s intended meaning.  Without the solid foundation, this will be challenging for them.   

Build Your Child’s Grammatical Skill

The ability to communicate clearly is essential for success.  So, what can you do if you feel that your child is falling behind?  First, you should always model good grammar in your child’s daily life.  Encourage them to correct mistakes that they make so that they become more comfortable with saying what they mean.  For instance, instead of ‘me want that’, they should use ‘I want that’.  Reading together is another way to build language strength.  Lastly, consider the benefits of an after-school enrichment program, such as Math Genie, to further your child’s language skills.  Math Genie gives your child the opportunity to learn in a fun environment while receiving the personal attention that they need.  At Math Genie, they will be able to build that solid foundation in the language arts and confidence in their communication skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. 


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