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The Proper Way to Hold a Pencil

Posted by Madhuri Ray on September 22, 2016

     The proper way to hold a pencil is a skill set that follows a child all through their life, so it is extremely important that it is taught correctly at a young age. Children should typically begin to learn to hold a pencil between the ages of four and five. Teaching children how to hold a pencil at a younger age can sometimes cause more damage then good. It is extremely important that the right way to hold a pencil is taught at an early age. Children use writing skills all through their lives so holding a pencil is a vital skill one must develop when they are young. Think about it, it is a lot easier to teach a child how to hold a pencil and write the right way from the beginning then to have to reteach them.

     Children go through five different phases of how they hold a pencil. These phases can be viewed here. Each of these phases plays an important role in developing the proper way and method a pencil is used.Children will transition from phases to phase at the appropriate time as they grow more comfortable and develop stronger muscles in their hands, wrists and shoulders.

     The “Tripod grip” is considered the desired pencil grip. A video of this method can be accessed here. The pencil is loosely held between the thumb and first two fingers. There are some tips you can teach to achieve this tripod grip. Kim Stitzer, founder of www.drawyourworld.com, suggests having the child pretend to be holding a round ball inside her hand as she writes, or to actually place a small wadded up paper towel inside her palm as she is writing to loosen her grip is quite effective.

    Evidently there are many different tricks and tips that can help children master the perfect grip. All it takes is the proper tools, and a lot of practice!








Topics: Common Core, Reading, Math, Writing, Mental Math, Abacus

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