How To Help Your Child Deal With Change

Posted by Tiara Swinson on October 05, 2018

how can you help your child with change?Change is something that we all have to get used to, but for kids it can be difficult to adapt to the changes. Sometimes it comes from them being younger and never having to deal with change before, but other times it can be from something as simple as a move, a long-term substitute teacher, or a big change like getting a baby brother or sister. As a parent, you should have some solid tips that will help you in getting your children ready for the changes and help them cope with the change.  

Give Your Children Plenty of Warning

Normally, you will know about a change that is coming before your kids will know. When you know about the change you should let your kids know about what is going to happen as soon as possible. Letting your kids know in advance will definitely lower the shock to them when the change does happen, but also makes it easier for your kids to be adjusted to the change.

Answer All Of Your Kids Questions 

Kids are naturally going to have questions about what is going on. When it is possible you should answer all the questions you can. It is important when you are answering your kids questions to be honest and provide a full answer. Remember if you do not know the answer it is completely acceptable to let your kids know that you are not sure of the answer, but you will try to find out for them.

Make Yourself Available To Your Kids During The Change

Some changes are going to happen and come as a complete shock to your kids. Since your kids may be shocked by the change, you need to make sure you are available to them as much as possible. This way your kids will have a stability in their life that is not going to change. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of extra security to make the transition in the change easy to deal with.

Maintain Your Family Routine

Kids have a tendency to get set in a routine. These routines are what is going to help your kids cope with the change the most. So you will want to keep your routine the same if you can or disturb it as little as possible. Doing this will allow your kids to remain calm and handle the other changes properly.

Keep Other Changes To A Minimum 

While it may be tempting to make multiple changes at once you should avoid this as much as possible. Sometimes this cannot be avoided like moving to a new home in the middle of the school year. However, other changes can be avoided and this can help your children adjust as well.

Change is something that adults can have a hard time coping with. So it is easy to imagine how much trouble kids have adjusting to change. Now, you know some tips that will help you guide your kids to coping better with the changes that are happening.

Topics: Child Development, Child Psychology, Parent-Child Relationships

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