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    Summer at Math Genie

    Coming Soon, Summer Workshops!

    Check out all the fun that is going on at Math Genie this summer! Make sure your child does not miss out!

    Getting Ahead this Summer

    Getting Ahead and Staying Ahead this Summer

    Do you know how to make sure your child gets the most of this summer? Don't miss out on giving your child the best enrichment as possible

    Teach your child advanced math now on the abacus

    From Abacus to Advanced Number Theory

    An abacus student can do advanced number theory in no time at all!

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    Why Your Child Needs the Abacus

    The benefits of teaching the abacus to your child are amazing. A child who knows the abacus will be more confident, able to understand and advance in math and will be able to any math problem at any level.


    All About Fractions (Part 1)

    A brief introduction to fractions and their relations. Includes tables and real world examples

    What To Do Next…

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    • Your child’s strengths and where they need additional help.
    • If your child has an affinity for a particular subject, they may excel in.
    • Our professional recommendations and learning strategy for your child.
    • And much more…

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