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Dangers of helicoptering

Don't Be A Helicopter Parent

The world is an interesting, yet scary place and it is okay to look out for your child. However, there is a fine line between looking out and smothering. The line is sometimes hard to see but once you cross that...


How to Solve Word Problems

As your child advances in school, they will come to a few stumbling blocks. There are some problems that prove difficult to a lot of students to understand. The most common issue is with word problems. Students...


Mental Math Makes Students Shine

Do you want to help your child get ahead of the curve and a jump start on life? t’s not a question of if you want your child to succeed; it’s a question of how you can help. There has been remarkable progress shown...


Mindful Practices at Home

Over stimulation has become a real problem for today’s children. There are so many toys, gadgets, activities, and commitments that a child can be pulled into too many directions at once. This leads to children...


Mindfulness Matters: The Benefits of Meditation for Children

What do you do when your child acts up? Do you give them a time out or take away their television and video game privileges for the night or weekend? Do you ever wonder if there is a better way to get through to your...

Follow these steps to help reduce stress in your child and learn the signs of anxiety your child may be experiencing

7 Ways to Help Reduce Stress in Your Child

Anxiety and stress can play a major role in a child’s life and most parents do not recognize that their child is experiencing it. An average of 10-20% of school-aged children are experiencing anxiety symptoms and...

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