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build their confidence for public speaking

How to Help Your Child Be a Better Public Speaker

Some children are naturally shy. They dread presenting class projects and are often shy even around family. How can a parent their child become more confident and build their child's public speaking abilities? In essence, how can a child become a better public speaker and more confident student?

Dangers of helicoptering

Don't Be A Helicopter Parent

We all want to protect our children. Yet sometimes we have to learn to let them go. There are countless negative affects being a Helicopter Parent has on your child. As it turns out, hovering over your child will do more harm then good.


How to Solve Word Problems

Many students struggle with word problems. Here is a step-by-step guide to help your child succeed with word problems.


Mental Math Makes Students Shine

Using the abacus and becoming a mental abacus expert makes your child excel throughout life.


Mindful Practices at Home

How to grow a healthy meditation practice with your children


Mindfulness Matters: The Benefits of Meditation for Children

How mindful practices helps reduce stress and builds better behavior in children

Follow these steps to help reduce stress in your child and learn the signs of anxiety your child may be experiencing

7 Ways to Help Reduce Stress in Your Child

Anxiety depression & stress are hard topics to address & help fix in children. Before relying on outside sources, try some of these methods to help your child.

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