does your child have all the skills to start school?

Is Your Child Ready to Start School?

How do you know if your child is ready to start school? Yes, they need to know their letters and numbers going into kindergarten but what about the other skills? Building independence, communication, and social skills now will ensure your child is eager for their first day of school in the fall.

what to know about preschool

Pros And Cons Of Preschool

Preschool is an option that a lot of parents are turning to for early education. However, you need to go out and weigh the pros and cons of this type of schooling. Doing this allows you to learn if preschool would be a good fit for your child's development or if you need to consider another option.

what you need to know about preschool

Common Myths About Preschool

When it comes to early education, almost every parent thinks about preschool and kindergarten. There are a lot of myths about the benefits of preschool on child development. To get your child a head start in kindergarten and elementary school, you need to understand the facts behind these myths.

drawing makes all the difference for kids

How Drawing Can Help Your Child Learn to Write

As children grow and explore the world they'll seek creative outlets for their experiences. By drawing, kids learn how to express themselves and their feelings at a young age. But did you know that drawing can lead to great writing skills? In child development, drawing and writing work together.

How to make the most of your computer at home

How Your Child can Use the Internet Productively

Your child will need computer literacy in order to compete in the future job market. So how do you make sure your child is using the computer in a way that won't hurt their development? Learning computer coding is great, but simply knowing ways to use the computer to learn makes a huge difference.

Creativity and Coding

Creativity and Coding: Why Artistic Students Should Learn to Code

Often in child development, your child will gravitate to a more creative or more logical way of thinking. Children who enjoy art, reading and music are assumed to have no interest in computers and programing. But creative children that learn computers are opening their mind to a new way of thinking.

dont be a lawnmower parent

From Helicopter to Lawnmower Parents

There's a new parenting trend that's harmful to child development. Lawnmower parents are parents that remove any obstacles before their child has a chance to face them. This builds toxic parent-child relationships where the child won't become self-reliant. Instead here are better parenting tips.

how to raise a leader

Raising a Leader: What Every Parent Should Know

Leadership skills are very important in child social and mental development. Children with strong leadership skills are less likely to give in to peer pressure or fall behind in class. This skill is crucial for child development. Follow these parenting tips to raise a leader in your child.

learn the importance of naps

Math Genie's Guide to Brain Development in Toddlers with Naptime

Why are naps important? Many parents know that naps are crucial part of an infant and toddler's day. But naps have a great significance in child development beyond toddler years. Some of the benefits of naps include intellectual growth and keeping a healthy weight. Learn more about naps here.

reading skills your child needs now

Is Your First Grade Reader on Track? Important Cues to Look For

What are the reading comprehension benchmarks for first grade? There's a difference in being able to sound out words and sentences and being able to understand and retain knowledge from reading a passage. It is crucial in your child's development to understand reading comprehension at this stage.

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