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How Online Learning Failed

When schools went virtual, the quality of education dropped drastically. This describes some setbacks caused by online and virtual learning during COVID19.

Good Habits

Building Good Habits for your Child

All children can benefit from building good habits, both inside and outside of the classroom. Here is how to set your child up for success with good habits.

Your Child's Emotions

Every one, child and adult, experiences intense emotions some times. Children aren't equipped to handle strong emotions without your help.

Playing Outside Makes Your Child Smarter

Playing outside is important way to develop your child's brain, improve their communication skills and expand their learning space.

Your Child Needs to Play Outdoors

Playing outside is important for your child's physical and mental health and growth. They development a better relationship with nature, and their peers.

Your Child and Bullies

Bullying will be a part of your child's life. Whether they're the victim or see it happen to another kid, it's important they know how to deal with bullies

Respect Your Child's "No"

It's important that your child always feels comfortable in social situations. They need to be able to trust themselves and respect their body.

Be Safe with Screen Time

Screens are unavoidable these days. However, the amount of time your child spends with screens can be harmful to their mental health and growth.

Balancing Your Child's Independance

Know how much is too much independence for your child, or not enough. Help manage the right amount of independence in your child.

What Should Your Child Know by Age 7?

Your child is starting 2nd grade now. This is a time for a lot of mental and social growth. See what milestones they should be hitting and how you can help

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