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    If I had Math Genie as a child…

    If I Had Math Genie as a child is a reflection essay written by a Math Genie teacher who once had a math phobia and now loves math. She thanks Math Genie!

    Importance of Reading Comprehension

    Reading comprehension is a crucial skill. It increases the enjoyment & effectiveness of reading & helps not only academically, personally, and professionally

    how to teach your kids to tell time

    How to Teach Your Child to Tell Time

    Telling time on an analog is a difficult skill for anyone learn. From numbers with double meanings to the concept of time itself, find out how to coach your child through this difficult process.


    Why Do Children Refuse To Go To School?

    Research suggests that at least 5-8% of school age children experience school refusal (Kearney & Silverman, 1993; Sewell, 2008).

    What Is Considered A Self-Regulated Learner?

    Research suggests that they make attainable yet challenging goals and are normally learning oriented rather than achievement oriented.


    What Are The Different Types Of Learning Styles?

    For years, researchers have been enormously interested in academic achievement and I’m sure you can understand why.


    How Can Constructivist Learning Be Effective?

    Psychologists have promoted the idea of children being “hands-on” as a key to lasting learning. Experience is the most vital facet of the learning process


    Learning and Parent Child Interactions: What to Avoid

    Attachment theory suggests that the early interactions that occur between parents and their children deeply impact the way children think.


    What Is Your Child's Learning Style?

    For years, researchers have been enormously interested in academic achievement and I’m sure you can understand why.

    A token economy is a behavioral change system that uses positive reinforcement to change unwanted behavior

    When Praise is Not Enough: Establishing a Token Economy

    Are you having trouble with your child? Do you find that they avoid doing homework, seem to forget about their chores, and generally seem unmotivated?

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