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    Encouraging Positive Homework Behaviors Using PRIDE skills

    A component of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), PRIDE skills can be used to build positive behaviors in both children and parents.

    Spending time with your kids is essential to building unconditional positive regard and healthy relationships with them. It increases positive behaviors and build self-esteem

    Making “Special Time” For Your Children

    Every parent has two gifts that they are often unaware of: their time and their attention.

    increase in number of graduates in state of New Jersey

    Why Has The Graduation Rate In NJ Risen?

    The NJ high school graduation rate from this past June has risen to a new high with more than nine in ten students graduating.


    Writing Exercises For Your Child That Don’t Involve Writing

    Have you ever thought about asking your child to write without explicitly making them put their thoughts down on paper?


    Should NJ Private Schools be Regulated More?

    New Jersey state officials’ recent attempt to crack down on some unethical actions currently going on with the state’s private schools may be food or bad.


    Are You Keeping Up With Literacy?

    Literacy, in the US, has not changed in the last 10 years. It is a big concern! Know more about such issues by reading Math Genie’s blog and their take on literacy!

    ensnuring your child has good quality textbooks could make a big difference in their academic success

    Students Need the Best Textbooks Possible

    Most of us likely experienced the problem of lower-quality textbooks at some point during our education.


    The Correct Way to Motivate Your Child

    According to researchers our children’s capacity for learning is nearly infinite and heavily based on motivation.


    6 Steps to Motivate Your Child

    Learning can be fun and exciting, especially when it is well matched to your child’s interests and abilities.

    cursive writing still has its benefits-your child will be able to read historical documents and learn to create their own signature

    Do Children Need to Learn Cursive Writing?

    According to a recent story from AZ Central, the Arizona State Board of Education just voted to make some new changes to the state’s Common Core standards.

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