Motivating math Lessons that Incorporate Children’s Literature!

Motivate your child to learn math using literature. Use these tips to enhance their learning abilities and expose them to various learning methods

Kids Burn Out Too-Learn how to Manage their time & Energy

When kids begin to feel overwhelmed with all the extracurriculars, it can lead to burnout. Learn how you can help them manage their time and their energy

How to Keep Your Kids Reading All Year!

Reading is one of the most beneficial learning tools your child can utilize. Learn how to keep your child reading even after the bell rings!

Why to Enroll your Child in an After School Learning Program

Find out how after school Math & Reading programs such as Math Genie can increase your Childs overall academic excellence.

Positive Effects of Evidence-Based Teaching

Using evidence based methods has proven to have a positive effect on student outcomes. See how you can ensure your child is receiving the best education

Homework Hell and How to Defeat It

Parents & children get stuck in the cycle that is called homework hell all the time. Follow these tips to ease the pain of homework time while having fun!

Why cutting carbs in your child’s diet will Promote Learning

Good nutrition is important for children & their learning process Studies show that diets with high levels of saturated fats impair learning & memory


Reading in Print: Better than on Screen Reading for Children

Printed reading vs. reading online. Find out the pros and cons and how screen reading can affect your child.

Reading: Amazing for your Mental Health!

Reading can be a great accessory in increasing your childs mental health Find out how reading can help reduce stress improve memory & promote self awareness

Education and Mental Health- How it Effects your Child

Common childhood stressors that begin in early education can negatively impact academic achievement. Find out how you can be more preventative.

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