Strategies to Help Increase a Student’s Concentration

Learn how to increase your childs attention span! Teach them strategies to focus better and enhance their memory. Watch your child succeed in the classroom.


5 Ways To Motivate Your Children Outside of the Classroom

Motivate your children outside of classroom. Improve their success in school, and have better focus. Learn parenting skills to increase child's performance.


Characteristics Of Gifted Children

Gifted children are often discussed in terms of their intellectual ability and rarely in terms of their behaviors, needs, difficulties and feelings.

The Correct Way to Motivate Your Child

According to researchers our children’s capacity for learning is nearly infinite and heavily based on motivation.

higher level math can benefit your child in everyday life

How Important Is High Level Math To A Child's Future?

As children, a lot of us often wondered how much value there is in a lot of what we learn about in school.

5 Ways We Motivate Kids At Math Genie

As a parent, I’m sure you understand the importance of motivating your child.

10 Steps To Make Your Child Self-Reliant

Ah your child is starting to grow up. This is a big thing for the parents & the billions of questions that may be running through your mind. What do I do?

Sometimes letting your child lose can be more beneficial to them than letting them win.

Can Letting Your Kids Always Win Do More Harm Then Good?

We’ve all grown up playing many different games as kids, and eventually you grow to learn that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

How To Help Your Child Focus Better

Growing up, I struggled a lot with focusing, whether it was in school or with interactions I had with others. In fact, I still struggle with it to this day.

What Is The Matthew Effect & Why It's Important

Third grade is the most important year for your child’s reading development. Students should have learned all of the skills necessary to read fluently.

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