Will Schools Reopen This Year?

Governor Murphy announced "there is a chance" that schools in New Jersey could reopen before the end of the academic year." What does this mean for your child?

Worried Coronavirus Will Affect Your Child's Education? Fear Not -- Math Genie's Online Program Can Close the Gap!

As COVID-19 brings schools to a standstill, and raises questions of how and what our children will learn, Math Genie is here with its new online solution!

Importance of Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is a crucial skill. It increases the enjoyment & effectiveness of reading & helps not only academically, personally, and professionally

does your child have all the skills to start school?

Is Your Child Ready to Start School?

How do you know if your child is ready to start school? Yes, they need to know their letters and numbers going into kindergarten but what about the other skills? Building independence, communication, and social skills now will ensure your child is eager for their first day of school in the fall.

help your child prepare for kindergaren

4 Ways to Help Your Child Get Ready for Kindergarten Math

Is your toddler getting ready for kindergarten in September? This is a very exciting time for them and can be a bit scary too. One way to make sure your child is ready for kindergarten is to practice at home math skills. These skills are easy and fun for any preschool age child and are an essential part of preparing for kindergarten.

what does your child need for kindergarten

Has Your Child Met the Kindergarten Common Core Standards?

Are you wondering if your child has met all the benchmarks for kindergarten? In kindergarten, your child gets the groundwork for what they need for the rest of their school career. If there is a crack in that foundation, your child will be struggling with math, English Language arts, and other subjects for years. Find out the common core standards for kindergarten.

what you need to know about preschool

Common Myths About Preschool

When it comes to early education, almost every parent thinks about preschool and kindergarten. There are a lot of myths about the benefits of preschool on child development. To get your child a head start in kindergarten and elementary school, you need to understand the facts behind these myths.

Stop the Gender Gap

The Math Gender Gap Can Start as Early as Kindergarten

There is a serious issue with society saying girls can't do math. Let's change that


Say No To Redshirting

If you hold your child back from kindergarten, you are setting them up for failure


My Child Missed the Cutoff, Now What?

What to do if your child missed the cut off. There are options!

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