How to Improve your child's learning and memory skills

Go over things your child has already learned Studying old material is pivotal to learning It incorporates repetition which leads to better longterm memory


5 Steps to Improve Your Child’s Critical Thinking

Critical thinking has been linked to higher levels of achievement, better emotional intelligence and decision making, and overall life success.

Spotting Fake News:Vital for your Childs Reading & Writing Skills

If your child can spot fake or dishonest writing it can help make their own writing truthful & factual. Follow these tips and make your child more aware

What Are The Different Types Of Learning Styles?

For years, researchers have been enormously interested in academic achievement and I’m sure you can understand why.

How Can Constructivist Learning Be Effective?

Psychologists have promoted the idea of children being “hands-on” as a key to lasting learning. Experience is the most vital facet of the learning process

Drawing can have positive effects on your child's overall well being

How Drawing Can Positively Affect Your Childs Overall Well-Being

As technology becomes more and more prominent in our daily lives, many people forget the power that simple activities such as drawing can have on a child.

Math Genie teachers are focused on your childs needs to ensure they reach their highest potential

How To Be Prepared Before Being Placed in a Classroom Environment

Your first day entering a classroom environment brings much anticipation, excitement, and curiosity.

Steve Job's Kids Didn’t Have an iPad...Should Yours?

As Smartphone's become more popular it becomes a common occurrence to hand over your phone to your child. Studies show how this will affect your child.

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