June 27th Math Contest Winners

The winners of the June 27, 2020 online math contest are announced. Students competed on Kahoot. Click to find out who the top three in each group were.

Math Genie Summer Contest Winners

View the winners for the various contests in math, reading, and coding hosted by Math Genie this summer. Congratulations to all of our winners!

June 13th Math Race Winners

Announcement of math contest winners. Students from age 3 through thirteen participated in a math race. One winner per group. See if your child won.

Math Genie Online Event Schedule May & June 2020

A list of upcoming online math, coding and reading competitions in May and June for Pre-K to Grade 8. Sign up links and winners listed. Win prizes.

May 16th Math Contest Winners!

Announcement of last Saturday's Pre-K through 8 math contest winners for the common core contest.

Math Genie Online Math Contest for Grades 1-8! Win Exciting Prizes!

Math Genie hosts an online math word problems competition for students in grades 1-8. Students can win prizes. Contest graded in real time by teachers.

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