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the abacus expands the mental capacity and boosts brain power, research says

The Science Behind the Abacus

Abacus based learning and abacus students have a staggering advantage over traditional learning and non-abacus students. Their test scores are higher, their confidence is greater, and their opportunities in school...


How to Solve Word Problems

As your child advances in school, they will come to a few stumbling blocks. There are some problems that prove difficult to a lot of students to understand. The most common issue is with word problems. Students...

All About Fractions

All About Fractions

Fractions are used in everyday life  A fraction is a part of a whole. It is a number between 0 and 1. You might see that you have a quarter of a tank of gas, or your child only ate half of their green vegetables at...

How to Teach Long Division


Learn how the abacus can help your child with the decomposition process

How the Abacus is the Best Way to Learn Decomposition

Do you remember how you first learned mathematics? After you got past counting numbers, right away there was arithmetic. Math might have seemed a piece of cake until the numbers started getting bigger. To so many...

Learn fun ways to keep your child interested in math!

Let's Make Math FUN

Math and fun rarely go hand in hand. From a student’s perspective it can be the source of anxiety rather than enjoyment. It is rigorous, sometimes boring, and often frustrating. With all that being said, can we make...

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