How to Instill Character Values in your Child

Character education programs have a positive effect on student achievement, classroom behaviors, and long term test scores

Homework Hell and How to Defeat It

Parents & children get stuck in the cycle that is called homework hell all the time. Follow these tips to ease the pain of homework time while having fun!

Why cutting carbs in your child’s diet will Promote Learning

Good nutrition is important for children & their learning process Studies show that diets with high levels of saturated fats impair learning & memory

How to deal with crying- Tactical Ignoring

One solution for a hypersensitive child is to allow them to cry. You will feel uncomfortable but its okay for you to let your child express their feelings

Read a Book You Normally Wouldn't!

We want children to experiment with new things. Reading a book they don't like will open up their minds to trying other things & expressing their beliefs


Redshirting is Not Always the Answer

Are you thinking about holding your child back a year due to the cutoff date for kindergarten? Find out why an early education is a better choice.

How to Improve your child's learning and memory skills

Go over things your child has already learned Studying old material is pivotal to learning It incorporates repetition which leads to better longterm memory

Importance of Maintaining Good Sleep Hygiene

Bad sleep hygiene has been linked to daytime sleepiness, decreased cognitive functioning, academic performance, increased aggression, & behavioral problems

Adolescence, Identity, and Free Thinking

Adolescence can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be miserable. It is also the stage in which children truly begin to develop their identities

Fighting off Procrastination-Stop Waiting!

Procrastination can negatively impact learning and interfere with achievement, while decreasing our children’s beliefs about their abilities.

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