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make sure your child has time for everything on their schedule

Soccer, Karate, Dance, Hockey and Homework: How to Balance Work and Play in Your Child's Schedule

Everyone knows that school is important. However, so many parents prioritize play time over homework. Sometimes, you feel there aren't enough hours in the day. Perhaps there's just too much on your child's plate. Here is how you can better organize your child's schedule to get everything done.

bad reactions

3 Toddler Disciplining Mistakes to Avoid

Disciplining a toddler is always easier said then done. Whether they are tired or frustrated, there are many common mistakes that every parent makes. Here are 3 big mistakes to avoid and suggestions on how to properly discipline your toddler

what to do when your child throws a temper tantum

Temper Tantrums: How to Help Your Child Control Their Emotions

Terrible twos and toddler tantrums. What are parents supposed to do? Many parents feel overwhelmed especially first time parents when they are dealing with their child's temper tantrums. If you have a young one who likes to throw tantrums here are a few tips on how to handle these outbursts.

how to make reading fun for your toddler-1

4 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Your Toddler

Introducing your toddlers to reading can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But sometimes it can be hard. If your child is having a rough time with reading or learning to read they won't be able to enjoy it like they should. Here are some great tips on how to make reading fun for you toddler.

learn math and learn how to cook!

Math in the Kitchen - Why Math Skills are Invaluable

Measurements, conversions and telling time. These are basic math skills that every child needs to know. But there's an easy and fun way to teach your child these skills right at home. Cooking and baking together with your child lets them practice essential math skills and learn a new life skill too!

how to make this back to school season enjoyable for everyone

The Parent's Manual: Back to School the Right Way

You already know how to set budgets and routines. But do you know the early signs of academic disabilities your child might show at the start of the year or how to build contacts to ensure your child's safety and success? For parents who want to be prepared for the new school year this is for you.

everything for back to school is right here

Your Go-To Guide for Back to School

Back to school is a hectic time. With all of the stress it is very easy for parents to make mistakes. Whether you are jumping for joy or mourning the loss of your vacation, there are a few things you should know, Here are some important do's and don'ts for back to school you need to keep in mind.

teach your child to give and take feedback

How to Teach Your Child About Constructive Criticism

Everywhere in life, kids have to deal with other people's opinions. It can be hard for kids to take constructive criticism. Your child can get offended if someone else thinks they're wrong. If they don't know how to give constructive criticism they can hurt another kid's feelings. Learn how to help

it's time to let go

Helicopter Parenting will Crash and Burn Your Child's Future

You might mean well but your helicopter parenting will cause more harm than good

Reconnect with your family today

Unplug and Reconnect: How to Build Stronger Connections at Home

Making sure you have time to spend with your family, without distractions, is just as important for your child as her soccer games and violin lessons. Make sure your child knows you want to spend time with her and make the effort to give her your undivided attention.

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