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    How Can I Motivate My Child?

    Did you know there are different personality types when it comes to motivation? Learn what motivates your child and how motivation can help them get ahead!

    Good Habits

    Building Good Habits for your Child

    All children can benefit from building good habits, both inside and outside of the classroom. Here is how to set your child up for success with good habits.

    How to Help Your Child With School Anxiety

    School can be a place where your child picks up a lot of anxiety. It can be about tests, presentations or social groups. Know how to help your child with this.

    Keep Your Child Safe on Social Media

    Even if your child doesn't have any social media accounts they know about the websites and what they can offer. Learn how to keep your child safe on social media.

    Be Safe with Screen Time

    Screens are unavoidable these days. However, the amount of time your child spends with screens can be harmful to their mental health and growth.

    How Much is Too Much Extracurricular Activity

    It's important to keep balance in your kid's activities and down time. Many kids get stressed and overwhelmed from an overloaded schedule. These 3 tips will help you keep a balance.

    How to Teach Your Child Positive Thinking

    It's important that your child can think positively in any situation. Positive thinking isn’t ignoring problems, but seeing them and feeling confident about solving them.

    8 Ways to Teach Your Child about Money

    Every child needs to learn about money management. Learning how to count money and make change is apart of NJ Common Core. But your child needs to know how money affects them before it's too late.

    Balancing Your Child's Independance

    Know how much is too much independence for your child, or not enough. Help manage the right amount of independence in your child.

    Common Problem Areas In Fourth Grade

    In fourth grade your child is learning more complex math, reading, writing, and social skills. Learn how to recognize common challenges and how to help.

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