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failing child

Early Signs of Academic Disabilities

If your child is lacking in these basic mental functions they will be far behind their classmates and might not finish schools. These are the functions we develop as toddlers and if your toddler is unable to meet these standards they will be struggling by the time they reach 3rd grade.

Don't be the reason your child thinks they cannot succeed

Growth Mindset and the “Math Brain” 

Parents unconsciously put their own insecurities and doubts on children. Children take all of this in and soon believe they cannot do something (like algebra or chemistry) because mom or dad cannot do it. Always encourage children to have a Growth Mindset and go after their dreams!

Teach your child self-control

Recognizing and Correcting Impulse Control in Your Child

Raising children is not easy. It's common for parents to want to give everything to their child. But are you actually helping them or are you promoting bad behavior when you give your child everything they ask for?

Stop the Gender Gap

The Math Gender Gap Can Start as Early as Kindergarten

There is a serious issue with society saying girls can't do math. Let's change that

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7 Easy Steps to Raise Independent Children

Teaching your child to be independent is just as important as teaching them math, reading and writing. Not only is it vital to your child's development but the stress it takes off yourself and your household is a life savor. These easy steps will help you to raise an independent child

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Can Your Child Recognize Numbers?

Learn great ways to teach your child number recognition. Make sure your child knows their numbers

Dangers of helicoptering

Don't Be A Helicopter Parent

We all want to protect our children. Yet sometimes we have to learn to let them go. There are countless negative affects being a Helicopter Parent has on your child. As it turns out, hovering over your child will do more harm then good.


How to Solve Word Problems

Many students struggle with word problems. Here is a step-by-step guide to help your child succeed with word problems.


The Abacus is the Key to Every Math Problem

Teaching your child the abacus will help them greatly in every subject of math


Mental Math Makes Students Shine

Using the abacus and becoming a mental abacus expert makes your child excel throughout life.

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