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    Avoid Whole Language Learning

    While looking for ways to help your kid read, whole language learning has probably been suggested But this can actually hurt your kid's reading development

    How phonics helps with spelling

    Why your child needs phonics to learn how to spell

    By learning phonics, your child can begin recognizing spelling patterns in the sounds of words. This will help them become a more accurate speller.

    Grandmother and granddaughter reading in bed for reading comprehension

    Help, My Child Can't Comprehend New Words!

    Help your child improve their reading comprehension by teaching them to build their vocabulary through a daily reading practice

    Child reading for national exam

    Reading Scores on National Exam Decline

    Reading Scores Decline fourth eighth National Assessment Education Progress USA United States English Comprehension Phonics Digraphs Dipthongs Genie NAEP

    phonics skills your child needs

    What Sound Does the Letter B Make?

    Does your child know all of their letters? Well, what about all of their letter sounds? Identifying and memorizing the letters is great but the next step is putting sounds to them. A lot of children get tripped up at this stage. Want to make sure your child has a firm grasp on phonics? Sign up for Reading Genie today.

    how to teach your child to read

    Why Should You Teach Your Child Phonics

    Teaching phonics to your child is very difficult but it's essential for reading comprehension. Most elementary schools gloss over phonics so it's up to parents to fill in the gaps. Often children only read by memorization and they don't understand the phonetics. Reading Genie is here to help.

    How to help your child with phonics

    Why Teaching Phonics is So Hard

    Phonics affects your child's reading comprehension writing skills. Without phonics, your child can become illiterate. But teaching phonics to your child is incredibly hard. Nevermind all of the countless rules English phonics follows but they have countless exceptions. Reading Genie is here to help.

    Phonics plays a huge role and your child's ability to read and write at grade level

    How Phonics Impacts Your Child's Reading and Writing Skills

    When kids are just learning their letters, phonics is very important. But phonics is more than you might think. It's also varying sounds for the same letter, consonant controlled vowels, and more. If your child doesn't master phonics, their reading comprehension and writing skills will be lacking.

    How Phonics is the Root of all Reading Comprehension

    Phonics: It's Critical to Your Child's Academic Success

    What is phonics and why is it so important? If you ever find yourself asking these questions you're not alone. Phonics is essential in not only vocabulary building but in overall reading comprehension. Learn more about the importance of phonics and how Reading Genie will help your child succeed.

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