NJ Governor Announces ‘Computer Science for All’

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is the educational system failing your child?

What's Really Wrong with America's Public Education System

Do you ever feel like the school is not doing the best for your child? You're not alone. The decline of the American Public Education System has been felt for decades. But what is causing this decline and what can you as a parent do about to bring better education to your child?

what school is right for your child

Public vs Private Schools: What's the Difference?

The new school year is coming up closer than you think. For parents of kindergarten and pre-k students there's always the question of public school versus private school. You should know the pros and cons of public education when making this decision. After all, your child's education is paramount.

Lamont Repollet

First Steps to Separate NJ Schools from PARCC

Recent update on Murphy's plan to end PARCC testing in New Jersey. Supporters include the Save our Schools NJ organization and the Education Law Center of New Jersey. Repollet is putting together a committee to begin work on a new plan as soon as possible.

Read about the powerful advances public schools have made towards education!

Math, Reading and Writing: Public Education is Making a Comeback

The evidence of standardized test scores has always advocated for private schools. However rising NAEP scores depict the increasing strengths of public education. The national standards are shifting in favor of public education.

Private School vs. Public School

Choosing private or public school should be a matter of preference. There is strong evidence that both are effective in fostering achievement in students.

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