importance of reading comprehension in high school

Importance of Reading Comprehension in High School

When it comes to reading comprehension, you child will never stop learning. From elementary school to middle school to high school, reading comprehension is a vital part of your child's academic success. It is important to understand the new standards for reading comprehension in high school.

learn the importance of reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension in Middle School

Reading comprehension is paramount for every student. It's crucial to master basic reading comprehension skills early so your child does not fall behind later. However, reading comprehension doesn't go away after elementary school. Reading comprehension becomes more in depth as your child advances.

how do you improve reading comprehension in middle school

How to Increase Reading Comprehension for all Ages

Students who practice writing about what they read are better learners. They have higher confidence and communication skills. This reading comprehension practice is ideal for elementary and middle school students. Learn how reading and writing more can help your child become a better learner.

How Phonics is the Root of all Reading Comprehension

Phonics: It's Critical to Your Child's Academic Success

What is phonics and why is it so important? If you ever find yourself asking these questions you're not alone. Phonics is essential in not only vocabulary building but in overall reading comprehension. Learn more about the importance of phonics and how Reading Genie will help your child succeed.

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Is Your First Grade Reader on Track? Important Cues to Look For

What are the reading comprehension benchmarks for first grade? There's a difference in being able to sound out words and sentences and being able to understand and retain knowledge from reading a passage. It is crucial in your child's development to understand reading comprehension at this stage.

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K-7 Reading Benchmarks: Is Your Child on Target?

How can you tell if your child's at appropriate reading level? Here's an over view of reading comprehension markers for students from kindergarten to 7th grade. Also, what you should look for and what benchmarks your child should be hitting based on their grade level as well as book recommendations.

why your child should read more poetry

How Can Reading Poetry Help Your Child's Reading and Writing Skills?

How can reading and writing poetry help my child? Poetry actually has huge advantages for readers and writers of all ages. Reading and writing poetry will increase your child's reading comprehension, creative writing skills, and vocabulary. Find out how you can encourage your kid to try more poetry.

When children read more they learn more in unexpected ways

Read Even After the School Bell Rings

Should your child be reading outside of school? Yes! When children read for fun and not because it's assigned, it allows their mind to grow in many ways. Reading even helps your child with other classes like math, science, and social studies. Learn about all the ways reading helps your child grow.

Reading Comprehension and context clues

Importance of Reading Comprehension: Helping Your Child Find Context Clues

A lot of students do not enjoy reading because they are can't find context clues and make inferences that the author wants them to do. Also, without the context clues they cant build their vocabulary with new words. These simple, often overlooked steps are essential to reading comprehension.

He needs to know grammar

The Importance of Grammar, the Building Blocks of Reading Comprehension

Most parents undervalue the importance of grammar and language arts. Then, they are confused when their child lacks reading comprehension. These parents don't realize that their child is missing the building blocks that are grammar and English Language Arts that are rarely taught in schools.

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