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    getting ready for second grade

    45 Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Second Grade

    Second grade is starting soon and it is their first big step towards applying knowledge. Math Genie makes sure your kid has the proper groundwork as they get older.

    Common Problem Areas for Second Grade Students

    In second grade your child is learning more complex math, reading, writing, and social skills. Learn how to recognize common challenges and how to help.

    Is Your Second Grade Student Struggling with Reading?

    In 2nd grade reading and writing skills are being measured more. Your child will be assessed as being at grade level or behind. Find out how you can help.

    Is Your Second Grade Student Struggling with Math?

    Is your 2nd grade student struggling with math? During 2nd grade, math is gets more advanced. If they are struggling, learn how Math Genie can help.

    What Should Your Child Know by Age 7?

    Your child is starting 2nd grade now. This is a time for a lot of mental and social growth. See what milestones they should be hitting and how you can help

    Teaching Measurements to Your Second Grade Student

    Your second grade student should be able to measure inches, feed, ounces and pounds and here is how you can help them.


    Math Genie Writing Competition April 2021

    Introducing Math Genie's March 2021 Writing Competition for students enrolled in reading/writing Math Genie classes at this time. 1st place gets a trophy!


    Math Genie Has In Person Classes

    Math Genie has put many safety protocols into effect like taking temperature, constant sanitizing, plexiglass desks& reduced class size among other things.

    Education in the memory of George Floyd

    George Floyd's murder exposed the brutal reality many African Americans face. By acting now, we can help improve education for students of all backgrounds.

    Reading Genie Online Writing Contest for Grades 1-7! Win Exciting Prizes.

    Math Genie is hosting an online writing competition for students in grades 1-7. Students can win exciting prizes. Contest graded in real time by teachers.

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