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    U.S. Students Require a Strong Focus on Advanced Math to Succeed in STEM

    As the world globalizes, the demand for STEM jobs is growing, but U.S. students are struggling to keep up with STEM requirements, especially across minorities.


    New Age Manufacturing & the Importance of Mathematics

    • December 08, 2019
    • By Melody F

    growing number of job opportunities in manufacturing and production fields require basic math skills or math, science, physics refresher courses


    Should My Child Have Screen Time?

    Screen time has been a hotly debated topic for years, especially concerning child development. Many parenting tips urge you strongly to keep your child away from screens no matter what. However, in today's technology based world, that can severely limit child development and intellectual growth.

    Handwriting and spelling are still essential tools for learning in this digital world

    Handwriting and Spelling: Still Essential in a Digital World

    Even though the digital age is giving children the power to use spell check, its important to know how important writing and spelling still is

    Giving Your Child a Phone Can be Detrimental to their Learning

    Your child may be eager to ask you for a mobile device like a tablet at a young age, but this can affect the way they learn and take in information

    Technology in Schools Good or Bad?

    Technology in Schools Good or Bad?

    Is using technology beneficial in classrooms or can we see it as a greater disadvantage. An increase in technology can present challenges to children.

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