Reading Genie Online Writing Contest for Grades 1-7! Win Exciting Prizes.

Math Genie is hosting an online writing competition for students in grades 1-7. Students can win exciting prizes. Contest graded in real time by teachers.

Will Schools Reopen This Year?

Governor Murphy announced "there is a chance" that schools in New Jersey could reopen before the end of the academic year." What does this mean for your child?

Worried Coronavirus Will Affect Your Child's Education? Fear Not -- Math Genie's Online Program Can Close the Gap!

As COVID-19 brings schools to a standstill, and raises questions of how and what our children will learn, Math Genie is here with its new online solution!

U.S. Students Require a Strong Focus on Advanced Math to Succeed in STEM

As the world globalizes, the demand for STEM jobs is growing, but U.S. students are struggling to keep up with STEM requirements, especially across minorities.

how to teach your kids to tell time

How to Teach Your Child to Tell Time

Telling time on an analog is a difficult skill for anyone learn. From numbers with double meanings to the concept of time itself, find out how to coach your child through this difficult process.

Grandmother and granddaughter reading in bed for reading comprehension

Help, My Child Can't Comprehend New Words!

Help your child improve their reading comprehension by teaching them to build their vocabulary through a daily reading practice

sixteen-eighths minus 3 eighths = 13 eighths

All About Fractions (Part 2)

A brief introduction to mixed fractions and improper fractions. Includes pictorial representations and example problems

has your student mastered 3rd grade ELA?

Has Your Child Met the 3rd Grade English Language Arts Common Core Standards?

Do you know if your child is on track for third grade? As the year comes to a close you are probably wondering if they are ready for next year. In English Language Arts, there are specific Common Core standards your child needs to meet in third grade. Find out the ELA standards for your child and how you can help them succeed next year.

is your child ready for fourth grade?

Has Your Child Met the 3rd Grade Math Common Core Standards?

Did your child learn everything from third grade math this year? In third grade, students are introduced to division and its relationship to multiplication, fractions, area, and perimeter. In fourth grade, your child will be expected to know these basics. Let Math Genie help your child prepare for next year.

has your child mastered 2nd grade language arts?

Has Your Child Met the Second Grade English Language Arts Common Core Standards?

Did your child learn all their English Language Arts skills for second grade? In third grade, these Common Core skills will be getting more complex. If you are not sure what skills your child was supposed to learn this year, click here to find out what are the New Jersey second grade English Language Arts Common Core standards.

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