whats the best way to teach your kids?

Learn Math Through Art - How to Teach a Visual Learner

Is your child a visual learner? If they are, they might have trouble grasping the abstract concepts of math. Visual learners often have trouble with math skills. With these tips to help visual learners in math they able to understand hard concepts like word problems and long division.

learning to code boosts your child's logic and math skills

How Learning to Code Helps Your Child's Math Skills

Are you thinking about the benefits of your child learning to code? One of the most known benefits is helping with logic and math skills. If your child is struggling with logic and math, iCode Genie is a perfect solution. Your child learns math skills through our fun computer coding for kids program.

math is it's own language your child needs to understand

Does Your Child Understand Math Language?

Math word problems can be challenging for students. They need to understand what the problem is asking, but that is often the biggest struggle. One huge math tool your child needs is understanding math vocabulary. These math vocabulary building skills will make solving word problems a piece of cake

how to understand word problems

How to Teach Your Child Word Problems

Students find word problems hard to understand. Word problem seems to be a topic that many students and parents struggle with. We show tips and strategies to teach your child to understand and solve word problems. With visuals and examples we show how word problems can be explained to every student.

how to teach your kids to tell time

How to Teach Your Child to Tell Time

The ability to tell time is a crucial life skill. It's also one of the most difficult math skills for students to understand. Word problems with time are some of the hardest word problems your child will do. However, you can help them learn to tell time and master one of the biggest math skills.


How to Solve Word Problems

Many students struggle with word problems. Here is a step-by-step guide to help your child succeed with word problems.

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