Understanding Common Core: Benefits of the Common Core System

Posted by Tiara Swinson on April 02, 2019

know whats going on in your kids schoolEducation: the great equalizer in American society. Education is said to be the means through which people can achieve success in their lives and lift themselves up, no matter their origins. But how does that equalization come about? Schools and school districts are far-spread and diverse, and even on as small a level as the classroom, each teacher brings different experiences and skills to impart upon their students. One factor in this is the Common Core, a set of teaching standards set to ensure students get the same education as their peers.

Let's take a closer look at the Common Core and how it impacts your children.

What is the Common Core?

The Common Core is a set of educational standards applied to ensure children at every grade level receive a consistent quality of education from student to student. Some of these standards vary grade by grade, with expectations of what children will learn that year, while others are principles and approaches to teaching that teachers are expected to adhere to in order to promote the optimal teaching environment.

Benefits of the Common Core

When states set Common Core requirements, they create a system in which students are more likely to receive a standardized education. There are many horror stories of children falling through the cracks because of teachers who don't educate kids to the level they need for success through the rest of their schooling, and no parent wants that for their child. A few other ways the common core benefits schools include:

  • Educational consistency for children who move frequently.
  • It allows for individualized education plans.
  • It more clearly defines expectations for learning.
  • It bases learning on empirical methods.

The Common Core helps to level the playing field and standardize American education to ensure your child receives the schooling they deserve.

Teaching Your Children in the Common Core System

One issue the implementation of the Common Core has caused is that parents sometimes struggle to help their children at home. Education has surpassed the standard enforced for previous generations, and that may mean that while you want to help your child, you feel you need to outsource that help to a tutor.

Rather than helping your children through the actual work they need to do, step back and take a more supporting role. Help them interpret instructions, offer support when they're struggling, and review their work when they're done. You can also help them set up a distraction-free homework space with ample lighting and a comfortable workspace. Keeping your child company while they work can help them stay motivated even through more difficult assignments.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Common Core

If you want to learn more about the Common Core and how it affects your child, stay tuned for our upcoming series, which will take an in-depth look at the requirements posed for children and teachers throughout their schooling career.

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