Why to Enroll your Child in an After School Learning Program

Posted by Sarah Rutzler on June 14, 2017

an after school learning program can have major effects on your childs academic performance

Let your child learn even after the bell rings!

Are you looking to increase your child’s academics outside of their everyday classroom? Or maybe you are looking to expand their communication and personal skills. Whatever your reason may be, enrolling your child in an after school learning program is the best option. Of course children learn fantastic lessons in school, but why not boost their learning experience by enrolling them in a secure, friendly, environment surrounded by educators who care deeply about the progress of their students.

Here are 5 reasons why you should enroll your child in an after school learning program.

Receive better grades!

Of course we all know that if you want your child grades to improve that a learning center will help. Teachers and tutors in learning centers are more hands-on because of the number of students. They are able to focus, instruct, and teach children better due to the smaller number of children in their presence. A normal classroom has around 20-26 students and typically one teacher. If your child needs to work on improving their grades, a small class size ratio to the teacher will definitely help.

Improved memory

Is your child forgetting what they learned in school? Or is it that time of the year when the final bell rings and your child has closed their books for the summer? Well, you are in luck. Learning programs are open year-round and help boost your child’s memory by the use of repetition and practice. The more a child’s mind is kept busy by working throughout the year, the better their memory will be.

Better study methods

Important tests such as exams, midterms, and finals can be stressful and exasperating to some students. Whether it is because they struggle with the subject, or simply have test taking anxiety, those sentiments can intensify if the students are unprepared to take them. A learning program can teach children better study methods, help them improve how they currently study, and teach them how to be more organized and prepared for a test. This can then help them perform better on tests and exams.

Enhances interpersonal skills

Interpersonal communication skills are crucial to developing other key life skills such as problem solving and listening skills. Strong interpersonal skills can lead to not only a more successful personal life, but a business life as well. In an after school learning program, children are able to meet other students and develop new friendships. They interact and engage with their peers and teachers in an informal setting, which can make it easier to build self-confidence and improve their social skills.

Greater confidence level

We want to make sure children feel comfortable and confident when it comes to test taking and just their overall feeling of themselves. Because they are becoming surer of what they are learning, their anxiety and feeling that they are not smart enough decreases as their confidences increases. Encouragement from their fellow peers and instruction/ application from their teacher helps them feel more confident and willing to do the work. They then can apply this into their actual classroom environment and exams.

Math Genie incorporates all of these 5 core reasons in their learning program!


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