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Writing Your Way to Ivy Leagues

Posted by Christine Frederick on September 22, 2016

     An essay that got young Brittany Stinson into five Ivy League schools and Stanford is creating a lot of attention. Recently shared with Business Insider her entertaining admissions essay was a success. With her essay merely focusing on her childhood trips to Costco showed how her curious personally makes her stand out. Her writing skills along with her ability to make you want to read more are what drew experts to take notice.

     Nelson Urena explains that her use of “in media res” meaning she starts in the middle of a scene is what brings you to read more. He states, “ As I read the next couple of sentences, her story slowly comes into focus as if the imaginary pupil in my mind’s eyes dilates to adjust for lighting. A picture begins to emerge.” This is the picture also bringing in other director of admissions resulting in the five acceptances to five Ivy League schools and Stanford.

     Her essay brought something that was important when admissions officers had to read hundreds of essays, and that was likeability. Its ability to catch the eye of individuals made it stand out amongst hundreds of other submissions.

     Urena also talks about how Brittany’s large and reminiscent vocabulary is another quality that made her stand out. Her right use of words and adjectives show her unique writing skills and ability to draw attention. 

     Admissions officers discover and reveal that the key to standing out it not having a perfect topic or the most intriguing essay. It is about being able to write your ideas and present them to get readers wanting to know more. Just like any good book if it does not interest you from the beginning it gets put to the side and ignored.



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