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how to understand word problems

How to Teach my Child Word Problems

Students find word problems hard to understand. Word problem seems to be a topic that many students and parents struggle with. We show tips and strategies to teach your child to understand and solve word problems. With visuals and examples we show how word problems can be explained to every student.

How to Teach Your Child Division

I need to help my child with their homework but I don't know how! If this sounds familiar, here is a step by step guide on how to teach your child division. Find out how to teach your child outside of the classroom. Stay tuned for more how to's on helping your child with math, reading, and writing.

how to tell if your child is doing okay

Is Your Child Under Too Much Pressure?

Kids today are under a lot of pressure. Between school grades, sports practice, responsibilities at home and recreational time with friends it's impossible to avoid pressure entirely. Sometimes pressure is good. Sometimes it is too much and overwhelming. How can you help your child handle pressure?

help you child stay on target with reading

K-7 Reading Benchmarks: Is Your Child on Target?

How can you tell if your child's at appropriate reading level? Here's an over view of reading comprehension markers for students from kindergarten to 7th grade. Also, what you should look for and what benchmarks your child should be hitting based on their grade level as well as book recommendations.

how to teach your kids to tell time

How to Teach Your Child to Tell Time

The ability to tell time is a crucial life skill. It's also one of the most difficult math skills for students to understand. Word problems with time are some of the hardest word problems your child will do. However, you can help them learn to tell time and master one of the biggest math skills.

how can you help your child with change?

How To Help Your Child Deal With Change

Change is hard for everyone. Whether it's moving to a new school are a new state. Sometimes the change is small and sometimes it's big. Change is apart of life and dealing with change is apart of growing up. How can you help your child deal with the big and little changes in their life?

grow your mind

What is The Growth Mindset and Does Your Child Have It?

As a parent, you wouldn't want to stand in the way of your child's success. But are you doing that without realizing by not encouraging a growth mindset? Many kids are actively discouraged from having a growth mindset by the adults in their lives. Make sure you're allowing your child's mind to grow.

keep them writing, keep them creative, keep them growing and learning

How Do I Help My Child be a More Creative Writer?

How can you encourage creative writing in your child? How do you keep creative writing going as they get older? Maybe you child already loves to write but you want to help them get more diversity in their writing and vocabulary skills. Either way your answers can be found here.

what it's like to be a stay at home parent-1

How to Help Your Child Connect With Their Inner Self

What does it mean for your child to find their inner self? When your child gets in touch with themselves they'll understand why they should always try their best. They feel accomplished and confident when they're able to solve their problems on their own. Help you child build confidence today.

Moving Forward in the PARCC Phase-Out

There have been new developments with PARCC in New Jersey. Repollet, Murphy and the Department of Education still hold every intention on getting rid of PARCC. Here are their latest plans as well as long term goals as they work to phase PARCC out of the New Jersey schools.

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