Why You Should Never Go Ahead of the Lesson Plan

You should never go ahead of the lesson plan. It is going to harm your child. You may teach them incorrectly and this will delay them. Stop going ahead!


If I had Math Genie Growing Up...

A reflection essay by Math Genie teacher. She wishes she had the abacus as a kid. She counts down the days till she can enroll her child in the program.


Math Genie Writing Competition March 2021

Introducing Math Genie's March 2021 Writing Competition for students enrolled in reading/writing Math Genie classes at this time. 1st place gets a trophy!


Math Genie Student Gets Into Elite Program- Success Story

Students at Math Genie are always performing at the top of their class, earning special and unique awards, & skipping grades. Jaynaly is invited to NYLF! Another success story!

Who Would You Rather Teach Your Child: High-Schoolers or Collegiate Professionals?

Who Would You Rather Teach Your Child: High-Schoolers or Collegiate Professionals?

Would you rather someone with worldly experience & maybe even children of their own to teach your child? Or would you want a teacher who is in high school?


If Math Genie Existed When I Was a Kid...

Having an influential teacher early in education is not only transformative to our learning. It shapes our character and helps us grow our work ethic.


If I had Math Genie Growing Up

Reading & writing gives us an inner power to grow from within &expand our mind. MG teacher says that with MG he would have loved books from an earlier age.


What Makes a Teacher Great?

What is it that makes a teacher great? From living compassionately to thinking out of the box, teachers often have an everlasting impact on kids.


Quitters Never Win

Quitters never win. We can't allow our children to be quitters when the going gets tough. Children don't realize that it's normal for new things to be hard


The Importance of Good Habits During Online Learning

It takes a month to build a new daily habit that will stick& become part of our daily routine. Bad habits are harder to break than good habits are to keep.

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