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Is your child confused by Everyday Math

Everyday Math is a Math program that utilizes Calculators to teach Math. Many parents and teachers agree that it confuses kids. Infact the New York Times published an article questioning the effectiveness of Everyday Math. As a parent you should be very concerned if your school system has Everyday Math as its curriculum.

Can you do math faster than a 6 year old? Watch this video before you answer!

Calculators Make kids Dumb

Math Genie Student can quickly do calculations using the abacus and mental math

Despite what the creators of Everyday math say. Calculators Make kids dumb. At Math Genie we believe that kids should use the most powerful computer there is. The Human Brain. Therefore at Math Genie we teach kids to do Mental Math. These kids can do Mental Math faster than most adults using a Calculator. Why make your kids dumb when you can unleash their Genius. is fun. Kids enjoy working on the Abacus. Its like a toy. A very powerful toy. Kids love using the abacus as a tool and doing the mental math challenges. Many Math Genie kids even try to do extra work so that they can get their new books and do the trickier math computations!

Math Genie Develops your child’s Whole Brain

Math Genies Program develops your childs Whole Brain to increase their focus and concentration to ensure better grades

The Math Genie program gives a solid workout to your child’s Brain Cells. Research shows that children exposed to higher level of mental activity has higher synapses. Synapses are the connections between brain cells. Geniuses and Higher performing people have higher synapses than average people. Math Genie parents have reported some amazing success stories. From higher grades, to increased focus and concentration. Winning in Sports to increasing their creative ability. Music teachers report that Math Genie kids learn music faster.

Awesome Teachers

Math Genies awesome teachers are trained to put your childs learning first and make sure they are performing at their best

Our teachers are committed to making the Math Genie experience fun for kids. When the time is right, they shed their “adult” demeanors and act silly with the kids to make sure that the kids love the process of learning and growing. They adjust their teaching to particular needs and always know when to help and how to help. They are not only teachers, but mentors, to the kids.

Small Class Sizes

Math Genies small class sizes ensure that your child will receive individual attention in a structured setting and become more independent

Classes at Math Genie have an absolute maximum of 8 kids per teacher for the Junior/Senior Genie kids. And 5 kids per teacher for the Toddler Genie kids. Kids receive individual attention from our highly-qualified and rigorously-trained teachers. At the same time, kids are able to experience a classroom setting with a fixed schedule and structure, as well as competitive games and rewards for their hard work. This classroom setting experience prepares our younger students for independence in a classroom environment and aids our older students in getting organized and self-sufficient. Parents love the mix of individual attention and classroom structure.

Astonishing Success Stories

Math Genie students are achieving great success through the mental math program

Math Genie parents have reported astonishing stories.

Somer A. of Franklin, Keya S & Rutu P of Hillsborough scored 100% in the NJ-ASK.
Justin S. of South Amboy scored in the Highest percentile Nationally in the Terra Nova test.
Michael S. of Milltown went from struggling to excelling in Math.

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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
- Gisella F

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