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Amazing Success Stories

MathGenie Student gets into Advanced Math Program at School

MathGenie student gets selected for accelerated math program at 3rd grade. Even though she will be doing advanced material she needs to make sure she doesn't fall behind in her regular classwork. Yet, thanks to MathGenie, her parents and teachers believe she will do spectacular!

"Aashi got accepted to the program because of MathGenie. She is very confident in math because now she knows that she is ahead of everybody in the class.” says Vaishali, Aashi's mom.

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How Abacus Helps High School Student Crush PreCalculus Play video

Most parents think that the abacus is only good for young students and that their child wont use it in school. Well Somer can tell you how wrong that is. She is crushing her high school precalculus course and she says it's all thanks to the abacus!

"In class I'm able to solve problems much faster and I'm able to use the calculator a lot less...so it's easier to solve problems for classwork, for homework and for tests."

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MathGenie Student Gets Accepted to Bridgewater's Academically Independent Enrichment Program

MathGenie's mental math program helped Arnav build his problem solving and pattern recognition skills. With these skills Arnav was able to get into Bridgewater's Academically Independent (AI) enrichment program.

Arnav's father says "I would definitely recommend MathGenie’s math and English language arts programs..." for any parent who wants to get their child ahead

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Reading Genie students give a speech in front of 500 people at a wedding

"‘Math Genie really helped me put my thoughts together.'

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5 year old gets into Gifted and Talented

Pearl gets into Gifted and Talented program in 1st grade in Woodbridge township

This visualization helps her deepen her understanding of Math.

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Math Genie Student gets into Johns Hopkins CTY program

Sohum recently earned a spot in Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY).

"Math Genie has made a significant impact on Sohum's academics and without this he could not have done this. "

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Math Genie Student Scores above 90 percentile on NJ ASK!

Justin scored got in the 99 percentile in the National Terra Nova exam. Watch his Mental Math skills at the age of 6!

I can attest to the fact that Math Genie really does work wonders, and I am ecstatic that I discovered the program!

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Already 2 years ahead of his class thanks to Math Genie

Fifth Grade student is learning Advanced Seventh Grade Math in School.

"He is in the Advanced Math class in his school and I'm sure Math Genie helped him achieve that"

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Math Genie Graduate gets into GNT and Johns Hopkins Program

Adarsh scored high on the Cognitive Assessment test and gets into the Gifted and Talented (GNT) program at Johns Hopkins University.

“It’s [Math Genie] really helped him in his core fundamentals, especially with memory and being able to elevate his intellectual capacity."

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Shreya's Success is because of Math Genie

Failing student was going to be Held Back. Thanks to Math Genie She is Ahead of her Class.

Shreya's parents and teachers are amazed at her progress. Mom and Dad both say if it was not for Math Genie, she would not be where she is now!

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Liam and the Math Bee

Liam is taking the fourth grade by storm! He won first place in the Math Bee for the entire grade and is now competing in the school wide math contest. His dad says it's all because of Math Genie

"When my neighbors ask is Math Genie working for us the answer is yes - definitely yes!"

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Shrenik scores 100% on NJ Math Target Assessment. His dad gave a big thank you to Math Genie!

"This is a place that shows Math becomes FUN"

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Terra Nova scores jump from 39 to 91 percentile after just 7 months at Math Genie

Esther's Terra Nova scores jump from 39 to 99 percentile nationally after joining Math Genie.

"She has made us so proud. Thank you Math Genie!"

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Math Genie Alum Gets a Perfect Score on the PSAT and SAT

Math Genie graduate, Somer, recently earned a perfect score (100%) on the the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) & SAT Math non calculator section.

I use the abacus everyday in High School.

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5 minute daily mentals leads to acceptance into NYC's Gifted and Talented Program

Charlie and Angela Maniscalso secured a spot in the NYC’s gifted and talented program; a program so selective that it only has a 6% percent acceptance rate. Their secret? Five minutes of mental math everyday!

Practice, apply, praise, and make it a routine.

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Student with speech issues jumps a grade due to Mental Math!

Jaisen went from not being able speak to speaking in complete sentences, remembering and focusing better, and became exceptionaly better at mental math. He got an admission to North Star, Newark’s top charter school. Where he also skipped Kindergarten and went straight to First Grade.

“He’s definitely a stronger math student. He has more confidence. At Math Genie, he thinks he can do anything."

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Math Genie student awarded the “Most Improved Student”award from his school. His Dad credits Math Genie for a dramatic turnaround in his child.

In First grade Geovanni was having a hard time with numbers. He was also was behind in reading. They received a letter from the school informing them that he was 6 or 7 levels below other kids in his class. After enrolling in Math Genie, Geovanni was awarded the “Most Improved Student”award from his school

"His focus has improved a lot. We can see that he can read books without stopping in the middle. We are very proud to see him succeed in school."

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Ex Kumon & Eye Level student tries Math Genie Play video

Ghazal’s parents Puneet & Parul were skeptical when they first walked into Math Genie. After seeing disappointing results at many other programs such as Kumon and Eye Level, they weren’t sure if Math Genie would be the best match for their daughter. However, after two and a half years, their skepticism was replaced by joy as they watched Ghazal blossom as a brilliant student.

"We are so proud to be able to say that she’s doing significantly better than she was before we took her to Math Genie."

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Parent Sees More Growth in 6 Months at Math Genie than 1 ½ Years at Kumon

Rohan learns more in 3 months at Math Genie compared to 1.5 years at Kumon

Math Genie teaching method takes advantage of how a child’s brain thinks, where as Kumon seemed as if it were very repetitive and memorization-based.

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Teacher shocked! says, “Oh $@*&!” when 1st grader shows math ability

Teacher shocked! says, “Oh $@*&!” when 1st grader shows math ability

Daniella is now the outstanding child that every parent dreams of, a child whose skills and intelligence are hard to be modest about.

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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
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