And the Winner Is......

Liam and the MATH Bee

At Liam’s school, every year there is a Math Bee for each grade. This year 12 participants from the fourth grade competed. Liam answered every question correctly for each round and won the Math Bee for the whole fourth grade! We sat down with Liam and Ygal, his father to congratulate him and ask how he feels about his big win.

Ygal told us “So he was number one and the teacher called she was very proud of him and he come home he is saying ‘yay, yay I won!’”

Liam has been going to Math Genie since he was in second grade. Ygal  says it is a “very good program. I recommend it to everyone! All our neighbors and everybody that asks me if Math Genie is doing good for us, I say yes – the answer is definitely yes."Liam is a Math Master!

"I always see excited Liam is to learn new things in Math," Ms. Tiara, Liam's math teacher told us. "He loves new challenges and never gives up until he finds the answer. Liam enjoys helping the other students in class and has even showed some of the younger kids things he's already learned at Math Genie."

Both Ygal and Liam agree that Math Genie has had a positive impact on Liam’s attitude and confidence toward math.

Coming up next, Liam competes in the school wide Math Bee. Stay tuned.


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