Math Genie Student from Piscataway Gets Accepted into Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. 

math-genie-student-accepted-johns-hopkins-center-for-talented-youth.jpgMath Genie student, Sohum, recently earned a spot in Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY). He  received extraordinarily high marks on the School and College Aptitude Test (SCAT). The SCAT is a United States standardized test which measures quantitative reasoning and verbal intellectually in gifted children

Sohum started at Math Genie at the age of 8. Right at the beginning, Sandeep, his father said "Sohum has already started showing significant improvement in reading/ writing. He has become more responsible and diligent."

That responsibility and diligence honed at Math Genie  has put Soham on the path to phenomenal success. "The Johns Hopkins CTY Program is an experience of a lifetime," according to Tiara Swinson, Math Genie teacher and Hopkins alumna. 

The Johns Hopkins CTY runs intensive summer and online programs. Students in the online program are able to challenge their minds in new and interesting ways. They learn academic and life skills such as time management and organization. These students connect with peers from all over the world with similar interest and aspirations. They build connections and, yes, even forge networks that will benefit them over the next few years when navigating through the uncertain waters of college applications.  

Students who study at the summer program receive tremendously more benefits. In addition to expanding their mind and feeding their academic interests, the CTY summer program opens a young students eyes to college - up close and personal.

"I believe there is something beneficial about being among college student's, on a college campus, taking college courses. When I was surrounded by that mindset of focus, determination, and excitement from college students who would rather take a course than laze around all summer, I was inspired. Being able to live and learn at a University as prestigious as Johns Hopkins changes you for the better. You are entrusted with freedom, responsibility,  and experience, and the direct results of how you handle that. The maturity that happens over those few summer weeks is astounding," Tiara said.

Tiara further adds "As an undergraduate, I took courses with current CTY students. They were all so eager and very bright. The CTY students would stay in the freshman dorms. They'd have roommates and RAs, floor meetings and activities, even supervised trips to the Inner Harbor and Fells Point - two major selling point of going to school in Baltimore. They would have their choice of summer courses, and would mingle with college students in the cafeteria  or the ultimate frisbee tournaments on  the upper quad. Many of them met with college professors and the Admissions Office.  Having worked one summer in the Admissions Office I know how high the acceptance rate is for CTY alumni. They basically have their pick of colleges when it's time to apply."

This young Math Genie student is going to have so many doors open to him. Ashwini, Sohum's mother, highly credits the Math Genie program and staff for his achievements. 

"Math Genie has made a significant impact on Sohum's academics and without the help from each one of Math Genie staff, Sohum could not have done this," Ashwini said.

Gifted and talented youth do not become gifted and talented without hard work and determination. Math Genie instills these behaviors so that the child wants to work hard and push boundaries and Math Genie does so by making learning fun.

Ms. Vivian, Sohum's reading teacher noticed that "Sohum has been a strong student right from the start. Since day one, he has been exceeding expectations in the classroom." As she worked with him she saw his passion for learning grow. "In class, he is always up for extra challenging material," she says, "I can tell that he actually wants to learn, too, Sohum will often ask if he can do just one more exercise before the day is done. That kind of eagerness to learn is rare. I don't have a doubt in my mind that Sohum is going places. John Hopkins is just the beginning for him."

Ms Stephanie, Sohum's math teacher says "I see my students week after week running to class with a big smile eager to show me their homework. I hear success stories every other day, from mastering conversions and getting an A+ on the test to winning the school wide math challenge. Success stories at the Math Genie are everywhere. Our alumni go on to Gifted and Talented Programs in NYU, Johns Hopkins, and more!"

Sohum CTY.png

With all of this success, what are you waiting for? It is truly never too early to prepare. Enroll your child in Math Genie’s math and reading programs today. Your child could be the next one in a Gifted and Talented Program. 

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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
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