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Math Tutoring on the Abacus

Math Genie students shoot ahead of their classmates because they learn to do math on the abacus — an ancient calculating tool. Your child will do math by moving beads around. Soon they learn to visualize the beads and begin to do problems in their minds. This visualization is the foundation of Math Genie’s success.

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TestimonialsParents and students love Math Genie! Hear what they have to say.

Testimonial LydiaMy Daughter went from the 36th percentile to the 99th percentile nationally on the Terra Nova math test. Thank you Math Genie.- Lydia Veras

Testimonial JignaSo far one of the best classes I made my son join. He is just 7 years old (2nd grader) but his skills are better than any Middle school or High School kid.
– Jigna Bhagia

Testimonial AngelMy daughter is very confident at school with everything she has learned from the program. It has taught her to be focused and patient.- Angel R.

Testimonial GeneBest Learning experience my child has had so far.- Gene K.

Testimonial ThomasWow! I can attest to the fact that Math Genie really does work wonders, and I am ecstatic that I discovered the program.
– Thomas S.

Testimonial NellyMy Daughter scored 100% on the NJASK last year. Math Genie is a great place for children to excel.- Nelly A.

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