Our highly reviewed programs are now offered online. We teach Abacus & Common Core Math, Reading/Writing & Coding programs to students from 4 to 13 years old. 

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Math Genie students love Math and English

We Offer Online and In Person Classroom Based Learning

Early Childhood New Jersey


Ages 4 to 5 years
Pre-K to K

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Ages 5 to 9 years
Grades 1 to 5

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Ages 9 to 13 years 
Grades 6 to 7

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How Your Child Will Benefit From Our Programs

Math Genie excels in developing your child's ability to learn, focus, retain lessons, comprehend, and
unlock creativity. Math Genie benefits your child and helps with building self-confidence.


Focus and concentration

Math Genie teaches children to develop laser-sharp focus. Our method and learning materials train students to concentrate at the highest degree.



We improve your child's self-confidence by emphasizing positive-reinforcement. As your child excels in math, self-confidence increases.


unleash the creativity

Math Genie students learn to visualize, which uses the right side, or otherwise known as the creative side  of the brain. Once this happens, creativity is unleashed. Many Math Genie students have started writing short stories and poems.


Whole brain development

While the creative right side of the brain is being exercised, the logical left side is being used to do mathematical calculations. This combination of creativity and logic helps your child strengthen the whole brain.


Improve comprehension

Mental math also has the effect of exercising a child's visual cortex, which enhances pattern recognition. Many Math Genie students have reported increases in reading comprehension by two grade levels.


better grades

With improved self-confidence, enhanced focus, and newfound ability to retain and learn quickly, your child's grades will improve in all subjects.

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What Parents Say

  • "I enrolled my son in this program because he was struggling in math and after a few months his grades have gone from failing to ALL A’s. The school has even given him the confidence to do better in other classes."

    Leon Daley

  • "My first-grade daughter has been enrolled in Math Genie since October 2015. She grasped the concepts very quickly, and I believe it has a lot to do with Math Genie being"fun" for her."

    Dana Hunter

  • "My daughter was struggling with 5th grade math. I enrolled her into Math Genie and within weeks I noticed positive changes."

    Denise Aldridge

  • "My 9yr old daughter and 5yr old son both joined Reading Genie over 5 months ago. Both have made great improvement."

    Arthy S

  • “The teacher’s are engaging. My son’s teacher will try whatever she can to make sure he gets the concepts. She’s awesome."


Math Genies Cutting Edge Program

We Make A Difference With Our Cutting-Edge Program

Results are important and so is the journey to get them. At Math Genie, we have classroom based instructions and small class sizes to ensure that children learn in the best environment so that they can master Common Core and mental math.

See Results

Discover Our Success Stories

  • Gifted Talented Program

    "5 minute daily mentals leads to acceptance into NYC's Gifted and Talented Program."

  • Skipped Grade In Charter School

    "Child struggling with speech issues at 2 receives admission into top charter school in Newark and skips a grade."

  • Most Improved Student

    "Most Improved Student."

  • Top Score In Terra Nova

    "From struggling to among the best in the country."

  • Short Story Writing Winner

    "Wins 1st Prize in Short Story Contest for 6th Grade in Linwood Middle School."

  • Won President Award

    "Winner of President's Educational Excellence Award."


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Meet The Staff

  • Ms Vivian

    Ms Vivian

  • Ms Kim

    Ms Kim

  • Ms Sadia

    Ms Sadia

  • Ms Meghan

    Ms Meghan

  • Ms Niralee

    Ms Niralee

  • Ms Stephanie

    Ms Stephanie

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Check Class Schedules

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East Brunswick Class Schedule

Day Math Reading
Monday 4PM-8:30PM 5PM-8:30PM
Tuesday 4PM-8:30PM 5PM-8:30PM
Wednesday 4PM-8:30PM 5PM-8:30PM
Thursday 4PM-8:30PM 5PM-8:30PM
Friday 3PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Saturday 9AM-2PM 9AM-3PM
Sunday 10AM-2PM 10AM-2PM

Contact Details

Marlboro Class Schedule

Day Math Reading
Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday 4:30PM-7:30PM 5PM-7PM
Wednesday 4:30PM-7:30PM 5PM-7:30PM
Thursday 4:30PM-7:30PM 5PM-7:30PM
Friday 4:30PM-7:30PM 5PM-7:30PM
Saturday 10AM-2PM 10AM-2PM
Sunday Closed Closed

Contact Details

North Brunswick Class Schedule

Day Math Reading
Monday 5PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Tuesday 5PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Wednesday Closed Closed
Thursday Closed Closed
Friday 5PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Saturday 10AM-12PM 10AM-12PM
Sunday Closed Closed

Contact Details

South Plainfield Class Schedule

Day Math Reading
Monday 3PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Tuesday 3PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Wednesday 3PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Thursday 3PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Friday 3PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Saturday 9AM-2PM 9AM-2PM
Sunday Closed Closed

Contact Details

Plainsboro Class Schedule

Day Math Reading
Monday Closed Closed
Tuesday 4:30PM-8:30PM 4:30PM-8:30PM
Wednesday 4:30PM-8:30PM 4:30PM-8:30PM
Thursday 6PM-8PM 5PM-8PM
Friday 4:30PM-8:30PM 4:30PM-8:30PM
Saturday 9AM-2PM 9AM-3PM
Sunday Closed Closed

Contact Details

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