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About the abacus

The abacus is an ancient calculating tool that dates back centuries. Early societies used some Abacusform of it to count and do arithmetic long before they invented numbers. Mostly, they calculated problems by moving stones or beans around in grooves or on tablets. You can still see the abacus being used in parts of Asia and Africa by merchants and traders who work with the swiftness of lightening. Your child will become just as skillful.

At Math Genie we use the abacus because it is an invaluable tool to help children understand mathematics. Little children have difficulty grasping arithmetic because it is not something they can see or touch. By working with beads on the abacus, math becomes something your child can understand.

Learn how the abacus works

The Abacus

Counting on the abacus from 1-4

Watch the video and learn how to use the abacus. Learn how to count from 1 to 4

Counting on the abacus from 5-9

Learn how to count from 5 to 9 on the abacus.

Counting from 5 to 9 on The Abacus

Simple Additions and Subtractions on the Abacus!

Simple Addition and Subtraction

See how to do simple addition and subtraction on the abacus. The abacus gives kids a concrete way to learn math.

Introduction to Mental Math

Learn how to do mentals. First watch the videos above. Once you learn how to count and do simple addition on the abacus, you are ready to do your mentals.

Introduction to Mental Math

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