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It's 100% worth it.

My 6 year old son has been going to math genie for about 4-5 months now and the changes I see are dramatic! He amazes me every day. He is only in Kindergarten, but he is WAY ahead his class in Math!!!!! I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids all ages who have said they "hated" math at some point or other. The teachers are very friendly and they work around your schedule. The kids actually have this before you sign your child up for any other extra curricular activity...its 100% worth it! 
(Gisella F. )

Math Genie really does work wonders

My son has been attending Math Genie since he was 5 years old (about 18 months now). The impact overall on his academics has been outstanding! In kindergarten, he took the standardized test. The principal told me his score was extremely high and I later learned that he scored the highest in kindergarten, and nationwide he was in the top percentile. In his new school, he recently took the new TerraNova test for the first grade. I was told that this new test was more challenging. When the test scores came back, my son apparently scored extremely high, and the principal informed me that he would be receiving advanced level work. I’ve since enrolled him in piano class. His teacher, who has taught piano in both her native Russia as well as here, has told me that he is her “A+” student. When she said this, I thought, “She probably says this to all of her students”. Soon after, I overheard her mentioning my son to another parent, and saying that he is an excellent student! I later asked her what makes him an A+ student, and she explained that with many students, she has to demonstrate a technique more than once because they have a tough time grasping the concept, but my son is very focused and is able to apply what she has shown him the very first time! She says this is very rare in one so young. Wow! I can attest to the fact that Math Genie really does work wonders, and I am ecstatic that I discovered the program!
(Alyssa and Thomas Santana)

They told me she couldn’t succeed in a mainstream classroom

In second grade my daughter was diagnosed with ADD and an auditory processing disability. Her teacher said she would never succeed in a mainstream third-grade classroom. I refused to believe that! I stumbled upon Math Genie in August ‘09. She started getting A’s from September and recently was the only child in her class to get an A on an English test. Her teacher was amazed at her progress! Her attention has increased significantly. If Math Genie helps struggling students, how much more would it benefit children who are not struggling? My biggest regret is that I didn’t find Math Genie sooner. I have three other grown children and if this program was around when they all were young I would have enrolled them as well. Thank you Math Genie

(Susan M.)

We moved to England and still come back for Math Genie

We had carefully looked at many different mathematical educational programs, and Math Genie was clearly the best one. We have recently moved to the UK, but are continuing with the course and are looking forward to doing the online course. We try to plan our trips back to the US in accordance with the Math Genie class schedule. We have also noticed an improvement in [our son] Shyam’s reading ability since he is learning how to visualize and use both sides of his brain. Most importantly, his confidence level has improved greatly and he looks forward to learning in general. Thanks to Math Genie for compiling this amazing mathematics program and making math easy and enjoyable! Our only regret is that this wasn’t around when we were kids.
(Puneet & Sheila)

Math Genie continually challenges my son

My son has always been ahead in math. He was starting to get bored in school and I had to find a way to continuously challenge him. My friend told me about Math Genie and so we tried it out. I was skeptical at first, since I thought he already knew a lot for his grade level. Now I can see the improvement in his mental skills. Math Genie is improving his skills even more and my son loves it. He is also more independent with school homework and activities.

(Mariel S.)

Better than Kumon

So far one of the best classed I made my son join. He is just 7 years old (a second-grader) but his skills are better than any middle school or high school kid. Before walking into Math Genie, I had tried Kumon for one year and my son was not going anywhere with it. With Math Genie, in just one week I saw huge improvement and great support.
(Jigna B.)

Small class sizes make the difference

What I like about this place is the class size is limited and the parents are encouraged to meet with the teachers after the class to work out any issues.
(Kavita & Krishna)

Math Genie teachers are awesome

My daughter was struggling in school when we heard about Math Genie. We were skeptical at first, but she was really falling behind. In just a few weeks we noticed a gradual change in her confidence and focus. In a few months she started excelling in math. She just had her school test and she got an A. I am simply amazed at how fast the transformation occurred. The teachers at Math Genie are awesome. They have small class sizes and the teacher is really patient and is willing to go the extra step so that my daughter will learn. I highly recommend this program.
(Luis R.)

Math Genie helps with other subjects too

This is a great program for any child and will help them tremendously in school. I have seen added benefits with my daughter doing very well at karate and piano.

(Vinay Kothari)

Dramatic improvement in my daughter

My 7 year old daughter finished 1st Grade in school and couldn't add or subtract. Not even 2+3. I enrolled her in Math Genie. In just 2 weeks she learnt to add and subtract. She was very excited to learn that. It all clicked for her.

Now 12 months later. She has improved her grades over 70%. Her confidence has gone through the roof. She is not intimidated by the Math and her homework anymore. I am very happy to see her perform mental math. My husband and I are delighted to see her improvement. My Husband is a Math Wiz. He grew up in Germany. Even he is surprised at how good she is in Math.
(Rosa Gentner)

Numbers don’t scare my son anymore

I have enrolled my son Yaduveer at Math Genie and I have to say it has helped him tremendously. He has become very comfortable with numbers, when initially he had trouble with number recognition as well. He has been there a few months now and I’m hoping to see him do a lot better as time goes on. His teachers there get full credit for it all.

(Richa Singh)

He claims he’s smarter than his Mommy and that makes him all the more determined to strive to a higher level
(Arta V.)

Math Genie made my children easily learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Math is no longer a problem in their learning experience. 

(Nelly Abdullah)

I have two kids in Math Genie, 7 and 8 years old. My kids are the best in their classes. They are way ahead in math. The abacus teaches them math in a totally new way, it makes them more focused.
(Toujan H.)

My daughter is very confident at school with everything she has learned from the program. It has taught her to be focused and patient.

(Angel Rodriguez)

I can’t rave enough about how great this program is for kids all ages who have said they hated math at some point or other.

(Gisella F.)

I can’t keep up with her in solving addition and subtraction and I am on this earth 30 years more then her.
(Prajakta J.)

She is able to manage numbers so easily. She feels confident that her math skills are strong. It has also helped her with memorizing materials easily. She really loves Math Genie.
(Arlene R.)

She LOVES math and is not intimidated by it. I see her level of concentration has been greatly improved.

His math has improved overall. I feel that in some cases, Math Genie got to concepts before regular school. The school raced through multiplication for instance.
(John R.)

Though expected to count up to 31 at junior kindergarten, he’s able to count up to 300, not by rote memorization, but by seeing the patterns in the numbers.
(May Ho)

He improved his speed of calculation markedly. Mental math is much better too. Even I cannot beat him on this.
(Joyce S.)

His memory has improved quite a bit.
(Lakshmi R.)

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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
- Gisella F

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