Math Programs & Pricing

    Toddler Genie

    • Ages 3.5 - 5 years old
    • Weekly 1-Hour Class
    • Writing numbers
    • Intro to the Abacus
    • Intro to Mental Math

       $155 per mo.

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         Junior Genie

    • Ages 5.5 - 7 years old
    • Weekly 2-Hour Class
    • Mental Math
    • Intro to Word Problems
    • Abacus Whole Brain Math 

       $205 per mo.

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          Senior Genie

    • Ages 7.5 - 11 years old
    • Weekly 2-Hour Class
    • Mental Math
    • New Jersey Common Core
    • Abacus Whole Brain Math 

       $205-$265 per mo.

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    What will your child learn?

    Your child will learn to write, recognize, and understand numbers. We will introduce the abacus and teach them to add and subtract numbers between 0-9. We focus on ensuring that they conceptually understand what addition and subtraction mean and that they can apply arithmetic skills to word problems. The Genie Academy curriculum is designed to stimulate your child and feed their curiosity that they have. Additionally, they will learn to become confident in their own abilities to figure out new problems!



    • Passionate teachers who are trained to understand children’s psychology and motivators 
    • Small class size with a 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio
    • 1 hour per week in a classroom environment 
    • Multi-sensory abacus curriculum designed to accommodate multiple learning styles
    • Introduction to Common Core 


    • Learn Mental Math
    • Develop motor skills
    • Improve social skills in a classroom environment
    • Learn to become independent and confident
    • Improve focus and attention span
    • Develop a solid foundation for future success
    • Be ahead of their peers


    "The Math and Reading classes at Math Genie have been extremely beneficial for my kids.
    The classes are very well structured. They focus on the foundational basics, which stay with the kids throughout their academic growth.
    The books and material provided are also of quality content. Great academic place for kids!" -Rama P.

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    My son has been attending Math Genie since he was 5 years old (about 18 months now.) The impact overall on his academics has been outstanding! In kindergarten, he took the standardized test. The principal told me his score was extremely high and I later learned that he scored the highest in kindergarten, and nationwide he was in the top percentile.
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    Success Stories

    Vedanti 5. scored 99.9 & 99.5 on WPSII cognition test after just one year of Toddler Genie. 

    Rayhou 7 was tested as having 5th grade Math skills at the end of 1st grade. 
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    Meet The Staff

    • Ms Vivian - New Jersey

      Ms Vivian

    • Ms Kim - New Jersey

      Ms Kim

    • Ms Sadia - New Jersey

      Ms Sadia

    • Ms Julia - New Jersey

      Ms Julia

    • Ms Tiffany - New Jersey

      Ms Tiffany

    • Ms Niralee - New Jersey

      Ms Niralee

    • Ms Lydia - New Jersey

      Ms Lydia

    • Ms Rima - New Jersey

      Ms Rima

    What Parents Say

    • "I enrolled my son in this program because he was struggling in math and after a few months his grades have gone from failing to ALL A’s. The school has even given him the confidence to do better in other classes."

      Leon Daley

    • "My first-grade daughter has been enrolled in Math Genie since October 2015. She grasped the concepts very quickly, and I believe it has a lot to do with Math Genie being"fun" for her."

      Dana Hunter

    • "My daughter was struggling with 5th grade math. I enrolled her into Math Genie and within weeks I noticed positive changes."

      Denise Aldridge

    • "My 9yr old daughter and 5yr old son both joined Reading Genie over 5 months ago. Both have made great improvement."

      Arthy S

    • “The teacher’s are engaging. My son’s teacher will try whatever she can to make sure he gets the concepts. She’s awesome."


    Discover Our Success Stories

    • Gifted Talented Program

      "5 minute daily mentals leads to acceptance into NYC's Gifted and Talented Program."

    • Skipped Grade In Charter School

      "Child struggling with speech issues at 2 receives admission into top charter school in Newark and skips a grade."

    • Most Improved Student

      "Most Improved Student."

    • Top Score In Terra Nova

      "From struggling to among the best in the country."

    • Short Story Writing Winner

      "Wins 1st Prize in Short Story Contest for 6th Grade in Linwood Middle School."

    • Won President Award

      "Winner of President's Educational Excellence Award."

    At Genie Academy, we have had over thousands of satisfied parents since 2008.
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