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Cutting Edge Coursework

You’ll never find boring worksheets here.

Interesting Coursework for kids at Math Genie
The developers of the Math Genie program have truly put research into practice. How do we know? Kids are loving the program. They are excited to come to class. In class, they are having fun, and they can’t wait to pass their exams and get their new books for each Math Genie grade!

Kids hate boring worksheets and repetition, and the developers of our program know this. Because of this fact, they developed excitement-filled, puzzle-like, and game-packed books that kids can’t get enough of.

Kids love using the abacus as a tool and doing the mental math challenged. Many Math Genie kids even try to do extra work so that they can get their new books and do the trickier math computations.

At home, parents can easily follow the simple assignment instructions, and after doing the work a couple of times, kids can and want to do everything independently. A definite plus is that the at-home practice only takes about 10 minutes per day! In that short amount of time, kids are training their brains and becoming better and better at what they are learning.