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Learning Strategy

Your child is not a cookie, so cookie-cutter strategies won’t work.

comprehensionEach and every child is different in the way that he/she learns. Your child has a unique channel through which he or she learns best. Some children learn visually (by seeing). Others learn kinesthetically (by moving/touching). Others learn using their auditory (hearing) ability. There are even children who learn by using an Internal Digital Learning Strategy (in which they use self-talk and internal dialogue to learn).

All of these children can succeed in a classroom, but all of them must also learn using their unique Learning Strategy.

Also note that Learning Strategies exist on a continuum, meaning that each child can be anywhere on that continuum. A child can be primarily kinesthetic and also moderately visual, whereas another child can be primarily auditory and moderately kinesthetic.

creativeEach child is unique in their Learning Strategy. Our teachers are rigorously trained to recognize that unique learning strategy and tailor their instruction to make sure your child gets the most out of his or her learning experience. Through the hard work of our teachers and around 10 minutes per day at home, our program works for every child.

Children who have been labeled “learning disabled” or even “attention disorders” have shown vast improvements in our program and their parents no longer have to worry about the extremely strenuous and exhausting special education processes in school. Finding a child’s unique learning strategy is key to figuring out how they can best learn tough concepts. At Math Genie, this is our specialty.