Why Math Genie Really Works?

Every child is
an innate Genius

At Math Genie, we believe that every child is a genius in their own way. Every child learns differently and has the ability to learn anything. Children have an innate ability to learn, and can succeed to their highest potential as long as they have a support system that recognizes and caters to their strengths and weaknesses. No child is a lost cause, despite how they may be struggling. Here at Math Genie, we celebrate every child’s success!

Multi sensory abacus

People retain information best when multiple senses are involved. The abacus is a multi-sensory tool that enables Math Genie students to learn and retain information. Students are able to touch the beads on the abacus, watch them move, and visualize the movement in their heads when they do mental math. The combination of all of these senses not only helps with mental math, but also helps students focus on their work.

Whole Brain Program

By combining the ancient abacus and the latest research on child psychology, we have created a program that trains the brain to reach its fullest potential. Math Genie students learn to visualize beads on the abacus and move them around mentally, which uses the right side - or "creative side" - of the brain. At the same time, the logical left side of the brain is being used to do mathematical calculations. This combination of creativity and logic helps strengthen the entire brain.

Visualization and Mental Math

One of the main elements of the Math Genie program is the
focus on visualization. Many sports stars and celebrities
attribute their success to visualization of some kind.

At Math Genie, we use visualization as a tool not only to do
complex math mentally, but also as a focusing method.
Visualization helps students achieve maximum mental
functioning states that are the hallmark of each and every
high achiever.


Awesome Teachers

Our awesome teachers are totally dedicated to the success of your child. Many of our teachers work in schools, or are pursuing some form of education at the graduate or undergraduate level. Our teachers undergo extensive training in order to be most effective in the classroom, and many of them have prior content knowledge as well. Math Genie teachers make math fun!

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Common Core Mastery

In addition to learning math on the abacus, Math Genie students also practice Common Core Math. Common Core Math is the content that students learn in school that adheres to State standards. At Math Genie, students receive extra practice each week in subjects such as decimals, geometry, fractions, and more, in order to keep them on pace in school. Math Genie students are also able to apply their abacus and mental math concepts to their Common Core, enabling them to complete schoolwork more quickly.


Deliberate Practice on the Fundamentals

The developers of the Math Genie program have truly put research into practice. How do
we know? Kids are loving the program. They are excited to come to class. In class, the are
having fun, and they can't wait to pass their exams and get their new books for each Math
Genie grade!

Kids hate boring worksheets and repetition, and the developers of our program know this.
Because of this fact, they developed excitement-filled, puzzle-like, and game-packed
books that kids can't get enough of.


Small Class Sizes

At Math Genie, we limit eight students to a class. This allows the kids to
get individualized attention, as well as the authentic classroom

Classes at Math Genie have an absolute maximum of eight children for
the older group. The younger the kids, the smaller our class maximum.
Toddler classes, for example, have a maximum of five children.
Children receive close attention from our highly-qualified and
rigorously-trained teachers each and every time they come to class.

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