Math Genie Student Accepted into Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth: Gifted and Talented Program

math-genie-student-in-johns-hopkins-ctyTanvir, a Math Genie student from the East Brunswick center has been accepted into the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Johns Hopkins is the world leader in Gifted Education. Tanvir has been attending Math Genie for three years and is our third student to be accepted into the John Hopkins Gifted and Talented Program. In December Tanvir took the SCAT exam because his mom Anjana read our monthly newsletter which featured a success story of one of our other students who had been accepted into the same program. Tanvir scored really well on the SCAT and as a result, he won acceptance to this program. He is actually not the only Math Genie student to be accepted into this program. Check out Adarsh & Sohum’s success stories.

We spoke with mom, Anjana, to talk about Tanvir’s progress with Math Genie and his success on the SCAT exam. Anjana says that Tanvir would not be where he is now, in school or with the Johns Hopkins program without Math Genie.

Anjana says with the help of Math Genie, Tanvir and his brothers can now solve large equations in their head– something that she admits she can not do without paper. Tanvir started Math Genie when he was young and originally he was a little better at math than other kids, but thanks to his lessons with Math Genie he was able to excel and learn much higher level mathematics. Using the abacus and mental math method Tanvir was able to excel on the SCAT exam.

In the SCAT exam, there are concepts Tanvir did not even learn at Math Genie or in school- high-level geometry problems. However, thanks to the abacus and mental math techniques he has learned, Tanvir has mastered how to conceptualize problems. Without the knowledge, Tanvir was able to still excel on the exam because he had the ability to problem solve anAnother Math Genie Student Accepted to Johns Hopkins CTY Programd walk himself through the steps required to answer the problems.

Anjana knows this success with exams will be ongoing. Despite all the recent news of people going to prison for  falsifying their children's applications, she says that her  children will be able to legitimately get into great  colleges. Being a part of the John Hopkins Center for  Talented Youth is great for College applications, and  they offer scholarships for students who were a part of  their program.  

In the future, Anjana plans on having her other children  take the SCAT test when they are old enough, and she is  going to continue using the Math Genie monthly  newsletter for inspiration for how to help her sons excel.


Tanvir is now the third Math Genie student to be accepted into the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Gifted and Talented Program. Will your child be next?

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"I can't rave enough about how great this program is for kids of all ages who have said they hated math at some point or another."
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