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U.S. Math Scores are Dropping and Here are 3 Likely Reasons Why

Since the mid to late 2000’s, math scores have decreased a significant amount in American students. In 2015, Americans scored significantly low in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a...

learn how you can enhance your childs basic reading, writing and math skills

Reading, Writing, and Math: The Foundation of Basic Skills

As children first begin their journey of learning, they are introduced to many different skills that are essential for learning. Reading, writing, and math are the core fundamentals of education. It is to be...

what is an abacus

What is the Abacus?

An abacus, also known as a counting frame, is a calculating tool with beads that slide across on wires or rods. The most common abacus is split into two rows:

Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a crucial year for children as their young minds begin their first year in a school system. They are entering an environment that has more intended goals and rules. Some children have a preschool...

Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Fourth Grade

By the end of third grade, children are exposed to different types of writings. Getting ready for fourth grade involves using language and writing in different subjects, meaning they will not only know how to write...

Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering First Grade

The transition from kindergarten to first grade is a big step for a child. A child is now apart of a “big school,” meaning he/she is surrounded by more students, can eat in a cafeteria, and play outside during recess....

Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Fifth Grade

Fifth grade is the final year before your child takes their next step in education: middle school. It is an exciting time for your child and you want he/she to be prepared as best as possible. By the end of fourth...

Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Third Grade

By third grade, children have spent two years learning and comprehending basic math and reading skills. In third grade, children will learn to expand what they have learned to do more complex computations and problems....

Things Your Child Should Know Before Entering Second Grade

Second grade is an important year for a child. Your child has just finished their first year in a “big school” and is now ready to continue his/hers learning process. Second grade involves knowing more than just facts;...


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