college readiness in elementary school

College and Career Readiness in Elementary School

Elementary school is not too early to start thinking about college. Simple activities like talking about different careers and visiting a college community day has a big impact on long term student achievement. Learn more about how to make sure your child has the necessary college readiness skills.

prepare your child now for college

How to Prepare for College in Middle School

When should you start preparing your child for college? Middle school is an excellent time to start the college process. You can start with finding your child's interests and focusing on them. Find out how to prepare your child for academic success and student achievement while they are young.

importance of reading comprehension in high school

Importance of Reading Comprehension in High School

When it comes to reading comprehension, you child will never stop learning. From elementary school to middle school to high school, reading comprehension is a vital part of your child's academic success. It is important to understand the new standards for reading comprehension in high school.

understanding the gender gap in computers and STEM

Girls and Computers: Exploring the Gender Gap in the Tech World

The gender gap in computer and technology programs is nothing new. But what are the big factors that make this gap seem impossible to close? With these gender studies we can better understand the gender stereotypes surrounding young girls and boys and how they are represented in the STEM community.

learn the importance of reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension in Middle School

Reading comprehension is paramount for every student. It's crucial to master basic reading comprehension skills early so your child does not fall behind later. However, reading comprehension doesn't go away after elementary school. Reading comprehension becomes more in depth as your child advances.

math is it's own language your child needs to understand

Does Your Child Understand Math Language?

Math word problems can be challenging for students. They need to understand what the problem is asking, but that is often the biggest struggle. One huge math tool your child needs is understanding math vocabulary. These math vocabulary building skills will make solving word problems a piece of cake

why the future is in computers

Your Child's Future Is Brighter with Programming

If the future is in computers, then the future is now. In almost everywhere you go computer literacy is necessary. Both in school and in the work force everyone needs at least basic computer literacy to understand the world today. This is why your child's success is tied with computer coding

how do you improve reading comprehension in middle school

How to Increase Reading Comprehension for all Ages

Students who practice writing about what they read are better learners. They have higher confidence and communication skills. This reading comprehension practice is ideal for elementary and middle school students. Learn how reading and writing more can help your child become a better learner.


How Standardized Testing Can Negatively Affects Students and Test Grades

Standardized testing comes built into nearly every American school system. But just because every student takes these test doesn't mean it has to be the center of education. Recent studies show that too much emphasis on standardized tests increases test anxiety and cripples student achievement.

It's okay to let your child be independent

How Much Independence Should Your Child Have?

Accepted parenting technics have been changing. Parenting skills are often shaped by societal and familial norms and past childhoods. Parent-child relationships have shifted from independent children to helicopter parents. Plus, parents who give their kids more freedom are labeled negligent.

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