Limiting Screen Time

            Limiting a child’s screen time can have a great result on their behavior Christopher Mims a writer for the Wall Street Journal states. Christopher stated A funny thing happened when I banned tablets in my house on weekdays and curtailed their use on weekends. Amazing things can happen when you limit the use of screen time and what they are looking at. Children can become less bad-tempered between the ages four and six. By being limited to a structured amount of screen time it causes them to be more imaginative and happy because they are becoming more engaged. They have to think of alternative ways to get rid of their boredom.

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How a Career at Math Genie Changed My Life

          I still remember my first day at Math Genie like it was yesterday. Math Genie, the
hidden gem I stumbled upon, a place that has taught me so much and has grown to
become my second home. After working in retail and other field’s I was ready to find a
job that was a lot more rewarding and where I would go home knowing that I made a
difference in someone’s life. Math Genie provided me with that opportunity. On my first
day I remember the hand full of little faces looking up at me. While some were bubbly
excited and quick to introduce them others were a little shyer and took some time to
warm up to me. I realized at this time that everyone is different. I feel as though
sometimes we as human beings lose sight of this and group people into categories and
begin to label them and I cannot begin to stress how much this job has made me realize
and get to know and understand people on an individual basis.

          Time management is one of the first things I learned at Math Genie. In such a face
paced learning environment it is extremely important to arrive on time and plan out your
lesson plan for the day. A class consists of yoga, meditation, warm up exercises, an
abacus lesson plan as well as a common core lesson plan being followed by games and
other educational and fun activities. This must all be juggled with checking students work
and homework as well as reviewing any fix ups and teaching students new concepts.
Without the proper time management skills one might say this is impossible to do so in
an hour, but with the right skills you learn to better navigate the classroom and complete
all tasks necessary on time.

          Working at Math Genie also has taught me exceptional communicational skills.
At Math Genie working with children allowed me to gain hands on communication skills.
A teacher student relationship is all about communication. A teacher has to be able to
relay information and knowledge in a way that her students understand. Communication
is an integral and essential part of each classroom. It is important to understand the wants
and needs of each child, and similarly it is important to relay the expectations that you as
a teacher have for your students.

          I have learned many things from working at Math Genie but one of the most
important things I have learned is to always keep an open mind. Math Genie has taught
me how to think out of the box and travel outside my comfort zone. Keeping an open
mind has helped me grow a lot as a person. I realize that keeping an open mind allows
you to be more creative and think of ideas that might have never crossed my mind before.
Keeping an open mind allows me to figure out ways to make math or reading fun and
interesting for a child that might find it boring or be discouraged. Keeping an open mind
also always reminds me that everyone learns in different ways, and every one has the
ability to learn and there is always room for progress. Sometimes we all seem to lose
sight of that and we forget to keep an open mind but this job never let me forget the
importance of that. My time at math genie has made me a more patient, compassionate,
open minded and an overall better well rounded person, and for that I am forever
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How important is your child's Self-Esteem?

           Many parents wonder the importance of focusing on building a child’s self-esteem. Some parents are not focusing on this as much as they should and realizing the effects of it. A child’s self esteem begins to be formed at young age and continues as they grow into adulthood. It grows with the individual experiences children have consisting of social interactions with the use of positive words. Self-esteem becomes an important component to development making sure they have the ability to handle their life and handle it well.   

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How to Tell if Your Child is Struggling with Reading Comprehension

         Reading comprehension is one of the most important academic skills your child will learn in their lifetime. After second grade, students will spend most of their reading time learning to decipher themes and analyze texts. But what happens if your child just isn’t “getting it?” when it comes to reading comprehension? How can you tell? These are simple signs that I look for in students who are struggling with reading comprehension, and they are easy enough to recognize at home as well. 

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Brain Development Using Mental Math

           Does learning mental math really enhance your child’s brain development? The answer to this is yes it does and the reasons behind this are very simple to understand. But, first lets discover what mental math actually is. The concept of mental math is when a child is able to determine correct answers to math equations without the use of anything besides their brain. These mental calculations are performed in the mind on a virtual image of the abacus pictured in a child’s mind.   With the development of building the mental muscle to quickly calculate challenging calculations other aspects of the brain are being developed as well. The end result includes the development of different mental abilities important to the overall enhancement of a child’s brain. It is important as a parent to focus on building a child’s mental abilities between the ages five to ten. Between these ages a child’s brain is developing and they are most susceptible to acquiring the benefits of mental math.

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Influence of Social Media

        As Smartphone’s and the access to internet becomes more common the use of social media continues to rise greatly. Social Media websites are known as any particular website that allows the use of social interaction. Examples are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. It is enforced that parents become aware of the environment of these social media sites because not all of them are a healthy place for children and young teens to be. Social media use by tweens and teens can be beneficial while also detrimental to them socially. A great part of children in this generation’s social and emotional growth have been developing through these varying social channels 

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How to Think Like a Teacher

        Teacher’s face many challenges on a day-to-day basis, so one might wonder how does a teacher think and operate? So let’s go inside the head of a teacher to gain a better understanding of how teachers make decisions. Teachers have to be fast thinkers to be able to responds to all of the obstacles that they might face in class each day. While there are good days and bad days a teacher knows the most important thing is to always retain a positive mindset and to keep your cool. One might ask how a teacher might keep her cool when dealing with a particular challenging student, but the answer is actually quite simple.

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Simple Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension

       Each time we read a book, we are inferring, questioning, analyzing, and drawing conclusions in just a few minutes in order to understand the text. These practices seem second-nature to us as adults, but for children, even the seemingly simple task of sounding words out requires intense focus and mental strength. Whether children are four or fourteen, they need to be taught how to develop and cultivate these skills to make them effective readers.

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The Power of a Good Teacher Student Relationship Lasts a Lifetime

        Starting from an early age all the way up until children reach college, and many times even longer for those who pursue further education, human beings are exposed to various teachers throughout their lives. It is undeniable that teacher’s play a magnanimous role in shaping the lives of their students. That being said it is important to realize how important a good teacher and student relationship is.

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Motivating your children

      Motivation can be a difficult topic to focus on when dealing with children who are not self motivated. Some children are naturally more motivated than others and parents struggle to cope with understanding how to increase motivation in a child. A parent cannot force a child to be motivated, it comes from within but there are many ways you can inspire children to motivate themselves. Inspiring a child to motivate themselves is critical but how can this be done one might ask?

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