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How much knowledge has your child lost because of the pandemic?

Online learning caused by the COVID19 pandemic caused a huge educational shift, and students were hit hard. How much knowledge was really lost?

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How Online Learning Failed

When schools went virtual, the quality of education dropped drastically. This describes some setbacks caused by online and virtual learning during COVID19.

Good Habits

Building Good Habits for your Child

All children can benefit from building good habits, both inside and outside of the classroom. Here is how to set your child up for success with good habits.

Genie Academy South Brunswick

Genie Academy is ready for classes in South Brunswick. Its located at 3000 NJ-27, Suite 5. South Brunswick, NJ 08824. Abacus Math, Common Core Math, Reading Writing, Coding

Math Genie is becoming Genie Academy

Math Genie will become Genie Academy, We teach Abacus Math, Common Core Math, Reading Writing, Coding to Pre-k, Elementary, Middle school students In Person and online remote learning.

How to Help Your Child With School Anxiety

School can be a place where your child picks up a lot of anxiety. It can be about tests, presentations or social groups. Know how to help your child with this.

The Difference Between Homeschooling and Remote Learning

A lot of students and parents are confusing remote learning with homeschooling. There are some very big differences between the two. Understand both for your child.

The Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

Deciding to homeschool is a big deal. The alternative to private and public schools has some pros and cons.

Keep Your Child Safe on Social Media

Even if your child doesn't have any social media accounts they know about the websites and what they can offer. Learn how to keep your child safe on social media.

Your Child's Emotions

Every one, child and adult, experiences intense emotions some times. Children aren't equipped to handle strong emotions without your help.

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