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How to Instill Character Values in your Child

Fostering well adjusted, successful children is a joint effort. While young children’s initial beliefs about right and wrong are often fostered at home, home is only one of the many influences children experience on...

Motivating math Lessons that Incorporate Children’s Literature!

Math can be quite the challenge for some children and for some students; traditional learning models do not do the trick. Rosamond Welchman-Tischler, author of “How to Use Children’s Literature to Teach Mathematics”...

Handwriting and spelling are still essential tools for learning in this digital world

Handwriting and Spelling: Still Essential in a Digital World

  As the world continues to further on and technology continues to improve, people are becoming more reliant on technology rather than what’s inside their head. Because technology is becoming stronger and better,...

Kids Burn Out Too-Learn how to Manage their time & Energy

Students face ongoing challenges. Whether it’s dealing with balancing the demands of school, sports teams, clubs, or family life, the average student is under a great deal of stress. According to data from the US...

Positive Effects of Evidence-Based Teaching

What is Evidence-based Teaching?

Does Gender Really Impact Thinking?

There will never be a simple answer to this question. Firstly, most studies of gender differences with regards to thinking employ a dichotomous view of the human brain (male vs female), which can be problematic as...

How Self-Talk Can Positively Impact Your Child

We’ve all heard the adage, “speak what you want into existence.” It’s normally used to encourage goal development and positive talk. But do the words we speak truly have power? Studies show that they do, and just as...


Homework Hell and How to Defeat It

Homework time can be like the burning pits of hell for some parents, and I’m sure it can be pretty unpleasant for kids too. Think about it from their perspectives. They’re in school all day filling their brains with...


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