Amazon Delves Into Early Childhood Education

Posted by Tiara Swinson on February 18, 2019

is amazon going to be our new go-to preschool?Everyone recognizes the importance of early childhood education. Everyone including Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. As Amazon has grown into a tech giant it has started to take on some of the issues that are hindering preschool education for kids and their families. A lot of issues are coming from the fact that the access to and the approach of teaching has been a major problem for kids at a younger age. Now, Amazon is starting to look into ways they can help with those issues.

Changing The Teaching Philosophy

Most of the preschool practices are following the same old rhetoric of teaching the kids the process and not really paying attention to the kids. One aspect of what Jeff Bezos has mentioned changing is for the teaching process to be focused more on the kids. The method that Jeff Bezos has mentioned before is being more centered on the kids and their needs and learning process. Does that look familiar at all? If not, then you should check your Amazon account and how it starts to tailor what it shows to you based off of what you looked for before and even what you have ordered before. So think about the education process for your kids as being like Amazon tailored to their specific needs and learning process. 


For some parents even the preschool access is very limited if available at all and it makes it harder to develop the young child's minds. With that being the case, Amazon has one program called Vroom that is meant to help in getting the young infant and toddler minds developed. The program itself is one that is going to help parents with advice on programs and learning chances that are geared towards your child's age group. Another perk is that this has recently been tied in with Alexa to make it easier for everyone to have access to courses that can teach the kids.

The Result 

Amazon and Jeff Bezos are starting to explore preschool education and it could be a good thing. As some of the programs that are being sponsored are meant to help with access, but also changing the teaching philosophy to be more student centric. Are these changes good? Time will tell, but it is always good to get the extra access and educational methods introduced.

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