Education in the memory of George Floyd

    Posted by Mohit S. Jain on June 05, 2020


    George Floyd's murder has been mind numbing for most of us. The video of his final moments is very difficult to watch. It has exposed us to the brutal reality many African Americans and other people of color continue to face.

    Recently I came across an interview by George Floyd's second grade teacher. She saved an essay that he wrote  in the second grade. Watch it here:

    Then ask yourself how did a thoughtful young boy in second grade turn up on a street corner where he allegedly tried to peddle a $20 counterfeit note.  Somewhere along the way the system failed him.  We don't have enough information to point fingers on Where, What, or Who? 

    Clearly he had an amazing second grade teacher. What we all know intuitively is that his destiny could have been different if he had a better education along the way.

    I've been pondering about this since the day I witnessed his attack, thinking of ways my team and I can help. We want to do something impactful rather than the usual platitudes and hashtagging. I realized that our core skill is education.

     We as a company will do the following:

    • Expand our scholarship program: We have been offering scholarships to families who cannot afford our programs.  We will expand this scholarship program to about 10% of our enrollment. Our goal is to increase it as our centers open back up and things go back to normal. 
    • Partner with local organizations:  We will partner with local organizations and provide our teachers and curriculum to the underserved children in inner cities. Initially we will target students and families in New Brunswick, Plainfield and Trenton.

    If you read so far and have an idea, please share with us. 

    Education is the surest way to a great future.  We can act now to ensure that students of all backgrounds have access to our proven teaching and curriculum that will open the doors to a great future.  Math Genie is here to transform every child’s future. 


    Mohit S. Jain


    Math Genie


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