Has Your Child Met the 5th Grade Math Common Core Standards?

    Posted by Tiara Swinson on June 19, 2019

    is your child ready for middle schoolAfter fifth grade, your child will move onto middle school where the math curriculum tightens up and moves faster than ever. Students must be adequately prepared for this shift by developing strong foundational skills in elementary school. Fifth grade is the last chance for your child to strengthen their skills in this realm before heading off to middle school math courses.

    In support of your child, you can watch their progress and verify they have met the fifth grade math common core standards by the end of the year. As you monitor their progress in this way, you can help your child have all the skills they need to excel in sixth grade and beyond.

    Fifth Grade Common Core Standards in Math

    As your child works through the math curriculum in fifth grade, they will focus on improving their knowledge in these ways:

    • Develop a fluent understanding of adding and subtracting fractions: Your child will build on fourth grade skills to work toward fluency in adding and subtraction fractions. They will also tackle multiplication and division of fractions by whole numbers, and vice versa, to begin developing an understanding of those operations.
    • Gain a working knowledge of decimals: Students begin working heavily with decimals in the fifth grade. While working toward fluency in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, they perform precise calculations to the hundredths place. In addition, your child will need to make reasonable estimates of the answer and understand the reasoning behind the calculations.
    • Understand and measure volume: Teachers introduce volume in the fifth grade and help students understand how it applies to a 3D space. They will learn about the standard units of measurement and apply them to calculate volume of many different shapes.

    Their studies will also help them gain an ability to recognize patterns and relationships between numbers, developing vital critical thinking skills along the way.

    How Will Students Build Upon Fifth Grade Math Skills in Middle School?

    Upon graduating from fifth grade, kids will need to rely on their math skills to understand the complex concepts introduced in middle school. In sixth grade, your child will explore rate and ratio using the multiplication and division skills learned in the prior year. They will also continue multiplying and dividing fractions, finding the area of shapes and working on volume calculations. To begin preparing for algebra, your child will learn about variables and how they are used in solving equations.  

    Potential Impacts from Failing to Meet Common Core Standards

    When students do not meet the common core standards in fifth grade, their ability to understand middle school math concepts declines. Your child may slip behind in learning about topics that build upon prior learning, leaving them struggling to keep up year after year. You can keep them on target in math throughout the sixth grade and beyond by acquiring help from Math Genie. By placing your child in our Senior Genie summer workshop program, you can ensure they receive help in developing a strong foundation in math.


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