How to Get Your Student into the National Honor Society

Posted by Cassandra Sanchez on February 25, 2019
student success starts nowParents of elementary school aged children often worry about making sure their children are prepared for success in high school and beyond. One frequently used measurement of high school success is acceptance to the National Honor Society.
What Is The National Honor Society?
The National Honor Society recognizes high school students that excel in scholarship, service, leadership, and character across the country. The National Honor Society was established in 1921. Students who are accepted into their school’s chapter of the National Honor Society are required to complete additional community service hours, often through tutoring and local volunteering.
How To Get In
The first step of the process is to ensure your child’s school has an active NHS chapter. Students are required to have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, completed several hours of community service and have demonstrated leadership. There is also a character component to the application. Many school chapters require service logs and letters of recommendations from teachers, coaches, and supervisors detailing the student’s service and leadership experience. Specific requirements for any given school may be higher than the national requirements, so it is important to identify the faculty member involved with the organization at your child’s school so that you have the correct information. 
How Can I Prepare My Child Now?
Community Service: Students can begin to serve their community at any age. By engaging in community service in elementary school, your child will learn to value helping others and form connections with individuals and organizations. Engaging in organized community service through religious organizations, community organizations, or local chapters of national and international groups can provide students with safe and reliable connections with local leaders. These leaders will be able to write more detailed, personalized recommendations if they have known your child or your family for a period of years. 
Scholarship: You can work with your child to ensure they have the necessary study skills to excel academically. Organization, time-management, and motivation are critical to academic success.
Leadership: Students should engage in activities they are passionate about and make strong connections with peers. Students who are dedicated to a club or activity may find themselves on the executive board of a club in high school, or an elected member of student council in their younger years. You can also engage your student in thoughtful dialogues about the qualities of a good leader. By cultivating these qualities in your child, parents you help prepare them to be leaders. 
High School may be years away, but you can help your child develop the necessary skills for success. 
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