What Does "Bullying" Look Like in Today's World?

Posted by Staff Writer on August 07, 2018

how is bullying affecting your childBullying is an aspect of life that has become a major issue for a lot of kids and even adults at times. However, one thing that a lot of people overlook is what actually is bullying and what kind of bullying happens. Once you know about this you can start to understand more of what the signs are that your child might be being bullied.

What is Bullying

The first thing that you need to know is what bullying is. By knowing more of what bullying is, you can start to look for the signs of bullying. In simple terms, bullying would be picking on kids or adults at an extreme level.The bully, will see themselves as superior to the other individuals. This allows them to basically go out and force the other individual into doing their will. Now, it is time to learn about the types of bullying that are present in the world today. 

Types of Bullying

You will find that several types of bullying are common in the world today. Each of these is going to have a different impact on your kid's life, but you need to know about all the types that are around. Then you can start to learn more about what to be on the lookout for.

Cyber Bullying

If your kids do not use a computer, smart phone or a tablet, then this is not going to be that big of an issue. However, if they are using these you will find cyber bullying is a major issue that you may have to address. This is where your kids will start to be bullied on whatever screen they are on. This is often coming from other kids who have found them on the Internet. At times, the bullying that comes online is going to really plague the kids because they cannot really get away from the bullying.

Physical Bullying

This is the type of bullying that was the most common in previous generations, on the school yard or in the hallway. This is the type that would often involve hitting, pushing, shoving, or worse to force your child to do what the bully wants. The good news is this type of bullying is often quickly noticed and stopped.

Verbal Bullying

When it comes to verbal bullying, you will notice that it is the type that mainly involves words and yelling. The words are typically hurtful and insulting, but also berate your child and the character they have. Sometimes the words are noticed by people, but often times the verbal bullying happens in private and is not witnessed.

Social Bullying

Social bullying is a part of life that happens to almost everyone at some point in life. This type of bullying will often involve pushing your child out of certain groups or circles. Moreover, this type of bullying can happen to anyone and can even start with friends.

You know the common types of bullying and what bullying is, but how do you know if your kids are being bullied? How can you talk to your kids about being bullied? Then the important question is what can you do about the bullying as a parent. That is all going to come in a future article. Stay tuned. 

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