How Your Child can Succeed in the New Job Market

Posted by Tiara Swinson on January 26, 2019

We all know how important it is for our children to become fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English well. If they cannot clearly communicate ideas they will not be successful in either their personal or professional lives. But there is another foundational skill your child will need to excel in their future professional lives. What could be as important as a good grasp of the English language for your child? Talking computer.

The New Blue Collar Jobs

learn to code todayWith many blue-collar jobs being replaced by computers, how can you make sure your child succeeds in the future? Easy, someone has to run the computers, talk to the computers, fix the computers, build the computers. The language of computers is coding and coders are needed across all industries. Coding is no longer a job reserved for the cutting edge genius of the day. Coding is quickly becoming a foundational skill that every worker will need.

Learn Coding Now

It is essential for your child to learn reading, writing and math skills. Now it is also essential for your child to learn computer skills. Now is the best time for them to learn. Child development experts agree that the best time to learn a new skill is when  your child is young and their brain is still developing, Computer coding is not a skill that is thoroughly covered in common core curriculum so it is up to you to make sure your child learns this essential skill of the future.

Their Future Without Coding

The prospects for workers who do not have any basic coding skills are very limited. In 2015 there were 7 million jobs that required coding skills, and coding jobs are growing 12% faster than the market average1. That is a lot of doors to close for your child. And a lot of doors to keep open for them if you make sure they have the ability to code.  It is expected that by 2025 5 million jobs will be lost to automation2

Coders Are Needed Everywhere

Computer programmers no longer work only for leading tech companies but across many industries.  In the future, your child may work for a bank, the energy industry, or a car manufacturer. They might go into the medical field, where more and more machines are being developed to aid in the health care processes. But to work in any of these industries, they will need to know how to code. One of the many benefits of teaching your child to code is that no matter what industry they choose to enter, knowing how to code will be a demanded skill.

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