Importance of Reading Comprehension in High School

Posted by Tiara Swinson on January 08, 2019

importance of reading comprehension in high schoolAll of the reading comprehension that your child will accomplish in middle school is designed to prepare them for the reading comprehension they will need to achieve in high school. During their middle school years, the focus will be on learning to make sense of what they read and being able to remember, recall, and begin to analyze how what they are reading fits in with the curriculum they are currently studying.

Once in high school, the focus on reading comprehension will be to gain a deep understanding of the material and learn to analyze it and apply it to the curriculum in the class as well as curriculum they may have in other subjects.  

How is Reading Comprehension Integrated Into Other Subjects?

Once in high school, reading will become a major component of learning and studying for every subject on your child's class schedule. Much of the homework they are assigned will be reading on the topic they are currently studying and classroom time will help them learn to apply and make sure that they understand the material that they have studied. 

How Will Reading Comprehension Affect Their Future Academics, College Admission, and College Performance?

Much of your child's reading comprehension in high school will be designed with the focus of preparing them for their future education goals. Once in college, your child will be assigned reading lists and be expected to keep up with it. Classes typically involve lectures on the material that the student read where the professor will delve deeper in the material and relate it to the particular field your child is studying. 

When it comes to college admissions, good reading comprehension is necessary not only for them to perform well on their admittance essays, but also to score high on college aptitude tests such as the SAT and ACT. 

Having the ability to read quickly while still digesting and processing the information is important to college performance. If your child has problems comprehending what they are reading, or read at a slower pace, they are likely to fall behind and lose the value of the professor's lectures.

How Should Parents Help With Their Student's Reading Comprehension?

Since reading comprehension is so critical for succeeding in high school and furthering their education, parents need to be vigilant to ensure that their child is developing these skills at the proper rate. First, it is vital to stay in contact with your student's teachers and make sure that any deficiency or reading problem is addressed so it does not get in the way of their success. 

Don't be afraid to challenge your child and encourage them to read at higher levels instead of allowing them to pick easy options. Continue to encourage reading for pleasure and engage with your child, providing them with new words to add to their vocabulary and challenging them with throughout provoking questions about their reading material.

Being supportive of your children, and staying on top of any struggles they have with reading comprehension, can help you stave off any problems that could hinder their success both in high school and further into their education.

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